Billy gilmour

  • Gutted when he left rangers but glad I have him on the index, what a baller hopefully gets a chance under lampard!

  • Playing well right now!

  • Nice - was wondering who was rising in my portfolio.

    Had no idea he was playing or why he has done but keep it up Billy lad 👍

  • Jumped on him at 54p😱👍🏻.... almost my 1st 100% player.... come on Lamps give him some game time🙏🙏🙏💰

  • He’s no Happy Gilmour.

  • Superstar in the making, good enough for a starting slot in the EPL now despite being so young, Lampard will nurture him into a World Class player. Wish I had jumped on him earlier as he will continue to rise. I reckon he will rise to £2 before the end of the year given the fact he's knocking on the first team squads door, transfer embargo will only accelerate his promotion within the Chelsea ranks.

  • @NewUser375548

    The only think that's stopped me from getting on is that I think there is too many players in front of him

  • @NewUser375548 Maybe we need to calm down just a tad as Chelsea have a large squad and he will do remarkably well just to warm the bench come season start.

    Enjoy the rewards of the pre season matches as many fringe players will rise.

    He may prove me wrong and no doubt has talent but good enough to start pl games is a tad optimistic imo.

    Maybe he will surprise, we will see.

  • @Gazz127 it's all about opinions and I respect that, this lad will go to the very top trust me, the only thing going against him his his age, his body is obviously still developing however when I say good enough to start I mean every word that's my opinion, I know he may not start a single game in the EPL for a couple of season but he's that good now, will surprise a few but not those who know about him and will certainly not surprise anyone at Chelsea.

  • The most important thing is he's rising nicely so you done well.

    Lampard likes youth but also he has to get results as we know what the heirachy are like at Chelsea.

    If he can get bench appearances and the odd cup game then at 18 he is doing very well indeed.

    Wish you luck😉

  • At the moment Chelsea have Kante, Jorginho, Barkley, Kovacevic, RLC, Drinkwater, Van Ginkel and Mount. I don't think he gets a look in this season tbh.

    Edit, they also have Bakayoko and I think Lampard started Ampadu in midfield in the friendly too

  • @Gazz127 I'm raging I never got on him at 54p however that's life, I totally understand and respect what you are saying, his age and unfortunately being Scottish will no doubt limit his International status regarding major tournaments etc however bright future for the lad, hopefully get quite a few cup appearances this season under Lampard that would do me 😂 cheers.

  • Wife just asked me why I've been starring at the same page on my iPad for the last half hour. I replied the bank has opened, the bank of Billy Gilmore. Thanks to this forum got onto him at 65p. My first 100% player although I have topped up with most of my dividend winning so not showing as 100%.

  • He’s no Islam Feruz.

  • Only seen him play once and his midfield partner Gallagher out performed him that day. I hold neither btw.

  • £1.44 😱 got to be one of the most mind fucking prices on the index now. I can't believe it. Makes everyone proven look cheap as!

  • I always look at fan forums, and the consensus is that he will go out on loan.

  • Yeah no chance he even gets in the match day squad on a regular basis. Perhaps ever. Lampard can say all he wants about giving everyone a chance, but if he’s under pressure to get results then it will be a league 1/championship loan for him. Fact he made a point of mentioning mount, fikori and Abraham again probably means that they are the only 3 who have a chance this season. Chelsea haven’t suddenly lost 20 players either.

  • The next logical step up from an SPL loan move would be a loan move to the Championship. I think he's already past the stage of being sent to Holland.

  • This kid will be the most famous Scotsman since William Wallace. It’ll take a real bravehearted man not to get on the Gilmour train. 🚂
    Yes. This is a huge pump, why not, just passed £1 profit per share and I’d like it to continue.

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