Gianluca Gaetano & John Yeboah

  • Okay i'm going to hold my hands up this is a bit of a pump as these are my 2 most recent purchases. However, i spent some time on transfermarkt last night, mainly researching the youth leagues of the top 5. i know most of us are already aware of these 2 names but i hadnt appreciated how many goals they'd scored at youth level - for 2 players that arent out and out strikers its pretty impressive. its ongoing research and i'll post others if i think worthy but take a look at the goals to game stats of these 2 for now, if they had those stats in premier league (youth levels) they'd be double in value (like the Arsenal lads)... anyway see what you think - i think they're are pretty solid investments

  • @G27 your pump has its first victim 🤣 got some Yeboah now. I’m already on Gaetano and got in at a whopping 44p 😜

  • wow! great price on Gaetano. i looked at him months ago and didnt have the time to reasearch properly so only got him @ 79P.... still, i'm viewing as a long term hold so still lots of proit to be made. Well done

  • @Gregolocky
    How do you find players so cheap like him? How did you spot him before everyone else?

  • At 44p I mean

  • @Caldev95 to be fair I think someone on the forum posted something about him scoring a hat trick against an English side in the uefa youth league. So then I just done a little research and thought he was a good one with little downside. Very highly rated at Napoli.

  • John Yeboah dropped 10p because he’s going to play first team football in a non pb league ( VVV in the Dutch league ) instead of playing for Wolfsburg’s second team. Hopefully bangs in a few early doors

  • Sold up on my Gaetano today. Decent player but not going to be doing much over the international break & the Lazarno signing has probably pushed him a little further down in the manager's thinking.

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