Jann-Fiete Arp

  • Had a poor season but was on fire prior to that. Hottest prospect in Germany for a couple of years hence why Bayern snapped him up - with Lewandowski to learn from, I think he will Hayden's successor in a season or two.

  • Scouted football handbook 2018 had this to say about him (I’ve only got 15 for tracking reasons at 75p or 65p can’t recall as I’m typing).

    2017 IN REVIEW
    2017 was, in the truest sense, a hugely transformative year for Jann-Fiete Arp’s fledgling career in professional football. The youngster, who only made his debut for Germany’s U-17s in the autumn of 2016, found himself fast-tracked to the Hamburger SV senior team by way of an impressive set of performances in the U-17 European Championship and U-17 World Cup, setting club records along the way.
    Arp began the year playing for the Bundesliga dinosaur’s youth teams, boasting an impressive return of 28 goals in just 26 games which he had featured in as captain of the club’s age group side. As in most seasons since the end of the noughties, desperate times called for Hamburg, with their usual charges in attacking positions, to fast-track the youngster into the senior team.
    There, make no bones about it, he has impressed. Arp became the club’s youngster ever Bundesliga goal-scorer after scoring against Hertha in October, usurping Heung-Min Son, and while the goals have not flowed since – with only one subsequent effort notched so far, against Stuttgart – the youngster has provided a rare positive for a club suffering from awfully low morale on the pitch.
    JANN-FIETE ARP WAS The first 2000-born player to appear in the Bundesliga and the first 2000-born player to score in the competition.
    Performances have been reasonable for a young player – after all, Arp has only recently turned 18 – but it is per- haps at youth international level where the Bad Segeberg-born starlet has shown the best glimpse of his raw po- tential. At that level, he bagged an impressive two hat-tricks at the U-17 European Championships in the summer and netted five goals in as many games at the autumn’s World Cup as team captain.
    That sort of progression in just 365 days is pretty fantastic, and most excitingly for Arp all his achievements mark just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey of a career.

    When talking about 6'2" strikers with a modicum of physicality it is quite easy to fall into the trap of using reduc- tive criteria to judge a player’s game. And yes: Jann-Fiete Arp is tall, strong and well-built, and this is to his ad- vantage. It goes without saying that, were Arp a slighter player, he would have been unlikely to quickly transition to Bundesliga football. After all, having the build of a fully-grown man offsets the fact that he is still ostensibly a teenager.
    However, those familiar with Arp’s play will be aware that physicality is not a particularly important fulcrum of his game – nor, at this point, even a strength. Arp is not an aerial threat at senior level despite his height, is not particularly adept at holding the ball up and relies on more than sheer force to outwit defenders.
    This, though, is not a criticism of the youngster. Indeed, having a game predicated on footballing intelligence more than just brawn is arguably a positive sign for the player’s future in the game. Arp is adept at finding pockets of space and getting into position, and shows a mental dexterity on and off the ball to frequently make the right decisions.
    Arp’s two senior goals to date – against Hertha and Stuttgart – highlight this dexterity. Against Hertha, Arp dropped off at a set-piece to be in prime position to mop up a rebound, while against Stuttgart, Arp jinked and jived be- tween despairing Swabian legs to slot home. With that level of poise and anticipation, he should go far.
    The youngster attempts to play the game on the front foot. That is difficult in such a torrid Hamburg side, and as such his lack of assists this season are probably more to do with the incompetence surrounding him rather than poor approach play. Admittedly, Arp’s passing leaves a little to be desired – a completion rate of just 56%, even in a position where risk-taking is rewarded and in the context of those successful passes going to a player in a dreadful team, is definitely in need of improvement for his underlying numbers to progress – but this will come with time and, potentially, a move to pastures more competent.
    Understandably given his talent and potential, parallels have been drawn between Arp and his supposed boyhood idol Harry Kane, as well as Germany legend Miroslav Klose. While the latter comparison seems to only make sense on the level that Arp is, like Klose, a German citizen and a traditional striker, there is a little more to the Kane com- parison, with Arp looking like he may fit the bill of a complete forward in years to come.
    While there is a lot to be improved in his game, Arp’s pace, dribbling ability, vision and finishing all combine to make him a worrying proposition for defenders.
    Realistically, all quick progress has to slow at some point, and while 2017’s developments for Jann-Fiete Arp were seismic, the youngster’s number one priority should be to stay in the Hamburg first team for the time being.
    Arp should take the time to grow slowly into the professional game and, even in the probable case of Hamburg’s relegation to second tier football, should consider remaining at his boyhood club. It is more than conceivable that a year of regular football at a slightly lower level will be a gateway to greater things in the long run, and as such purported links between Arp and European giants such as Chelsea or Manchester City could end up being harmful to the youngster’s long term development.
    On an international level, Arp’s main focus will be on growing through the age groups, firstly as part of the U-19s and, if he continues his strong performances at senior level, it will not be too long before he could be in conten- tion for a spot in the U-21s either

  • This transfer was lined up last season I believe. The player had the option to move this summer or next. He has had a terrible season where he couldn't even hack it in German div 2. Way overpriced and will probably be shipped off to a non pb league to regain his confidence. If you have him I'd sell.

  • every time i see this name it reminds me of Jan Aage Fjortoft and the days of Swindon Town in the Premier League!!!!

    Nicky Summerbee, Paul Bodin, Johnny Moncur, Luc Nijholt, Andy Mutch...

    Eric Cantona getting sent off in a 2-2 draw at the County Ground....

    God them were the days!!!

  • The kid was 18 for majority of last season where he played 27 games, scored 5 & assisted 2, not the greatest stats but his potential is unquestionable which is why Bayern have bought him

  • @Uncle-G in div 2 he scored one with one assist in 17 apps. Scored 3 goals for the B team. Plus a goal and an assist in the cup. I think he has talent but he needs to show it on loan this year or he'll tank to around 40-50 pence.

  • @stumac85 He didn’t live up to expectations last season but he is still only 19, don’t think he’ll tank because the Germans have high hopes for him but this season is a big one, if he stays & scores in the Champs league he’ll rise due to the German press loving him

  • He is absolutely flying at the moment, having a great pre-season with Bayern.

  • I think people are split on this player and I'm on the more negative side at present. I think Bayern bought this player a few seasons early and he should really be out on loan again, based on present form and last season he won't be in the Bayern XI, possibly not even the match day squad at times.

    To note, Arp was one of my longest holds on here and after seeing his recent rise over the last month I've been happy to cash out given above opinion.

  • I'm borderline on cashing out, I got on him at 52p in September. Reading all reports from their tour it seems he's exceeded expectations already and played his way into the first team picture.

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