Brewster will play the first half!

  • Can't wait for the Glatzel IPO when it finally arrives too.

  • @Gazz127 sssshhhh don't tell everyone ; )

  • @Failtips Oooooooop sorry 😉

    Then again it'll probably be 2020 before we see any bloody ipo's🤔

  • Bought 1500 shares (500 pre split) after hearing about him last Autumn and his U17 World Cup exploits and how highly regarded he was despite his injury. It seemed a no brainer given how FI love’s an England youngster. I watch a lot of youtube videos of up and coming youth talent, but what struck me was how complete he was...touch, both feet, quick, great at link up play. Its great to finally see him playing and banging in goals. 💪🏻

  • Ppl always worry about missing the boat, but Brewster is currently £3.32. If he keeps improving there’s no reason he can’t reach Rashford £4.03 CHO £4.43 or even Sancho prices £5.36. That’s could be a £1+ profit. But it is only Tranmere so let’s not go too crazy quite yet 😉
    I remember thinking Sancho had peaked and sold prematurely at £1.78 (£5.34 pre split) last year. Wont be making that mistake again.

  • @Valhalla Agreed it was only Tranmere but he done about the best we could imagine really in 45 mins of football but again you have to just take the opposition in to consideration.
    After Bradford City on the 14th things get a bit more tasty.

    Dortmund, Sevilla, Sporting, Napoli, Lyon and the Man City.

    Next few weeks are going to be very interesting😉

  • Brewster should be in top 5 mb... Had some legit stories removed today? When his pts turned to his price it wiped his score clean

  • In other news, Accy Stanley beat Marseille 2-1. That's not a scoreline I expected to see this lifetime...

  • @Vespasian32 yeah I've seen 3 scores wiped

  • @Vespasian32 said in Brewster will play the first half!:

    I think I take more enjoyment at the fury of these purists who refuse to profit from it, than the actual profit.

    Get involved ffs!!

    Steadfastly topping up on Mahmoud Hassan or whatever hes called

  • 0_1562884761314_20190711_233822.jpg

    This hasnt been picked up yet either. Not the metro story although the same story by the mirror has but that never normally matters

    Since I hold 111 and hes currently £3.33 I'd of been very satisfied if hed took top spot

  • He's in mb now... Replaced neymar who I have more shares in... But brewster getting divs might finally show the likes of Tom the light! Kane and sterling certainly wouldng get mb for a goal in a friendly vs tranmere

  • @Vespasian32 said in Brewster will play the first half!:

    He's in mb now... Replaced neymar who I have more shares in... But brewster getting divs might finally show the likes of Tom the light! Kane and sterling certainly wouldng get mb for a goal in a friendly vs tranmere

    Here here

  • Happy he placed top 5 as a Greenwood holder even though I hold no Brewster, will quieten some of the people on here but more so on twitter whinging about their prices/no dividends, now hoping for Greenwood goals come midday Saturday and a MB win.

  • @Nally given what's happened today, should greenwood get a goal or 2 I think it will be even more bonkers because people who feel that they've missed out on Brewster tonight will not want to miss out again.

    Also brewster has now proved what I and others have been saying by actually getting divs off the back of goals against minnows

  • @MickTurbo I agree, with United's match vs Perth being an early midday kick off as well shares bought before 2pm will qualify for MB, think that could contribute to more buys if he scores/plays well.

  • @Nally the press are primed... A few mb stories in the last week.. Ogs 'rashford in plans' rashford 'backs greenwood' etc... Fingers 🤞 a juicy brace for the greengoat too.

  • @Nally You're right, but here's what I was trying to get across this morning, Greenwood could be absolutely anonymous against Perth, no ones likely to dump him because the next game he might score, and tonight has shown, for those that couldn't already see it, that goals for these young lads earn cap app and divs.

    Me and vespa said exactly that this morning, I'm not being smug I didnt out right say Brewster will score tonight and win divs, I said IF. but I would have been prepared to say outright that at some point during pre season, brewster will do something that will cause him to win divs and spike. Sane for greenwood.

    Peoples argument against them seems to be that the odds state they are more likely to be macheda than messi, fine, there are thousands of machedas forcevery genuine superstar, but you arent forced to hold for the full 3 years, then sell and immediately re buy for the next 15 years regardless of where their career ends up.

    Short term, theres almost no downside, long term, if one of them becomes as good as rashford you're laughing, and between brewster, cho, and greenwood, I dont think its fanciful to say that 1 will match rashfords success

  • In the same way Brewster has risen fir 2 goals against Tranmere...Ben Woodburn has dropped coz he didn’t score! The index is odd sometimes

  • @G27

    High risk trading with little foundation or ongoing evidence, especially in the case of Woodburn. Some will win big and others will lose out equally at some point. In the case of Brewster, I think he will rise until it becomes clear whether he is going to be playing league games regularly or not. At some point though there is a risk that if he doesn't start regularly, people may drop him for a 17 year old from Man Utd that scores an under 21 hat trick.

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