Friday IPO

  • Hi, New to this but can anyone tell me how to vote for players to be in the squad, also when it is announced who the 2 players are?

  • @Davy123 hi mate. The method you are describing is the old school way. It changed in November last year. Now 10 ipo's (new players) are currently added every working day. To see which players and times look at the blog section of the site.

    You can suggest players to be added I think via this forum but not sure how much notice is taken.

  • Thanks pal, and how is it that players are promoted to the squad?

  • @Davy123 sorry I think I'm getting confused what you're asking. The top two highest priced players on the squad are promoted every day at midnight. You can't vote etc any more it's just who ever is highest priced.

    Players are added to the squad through the IPO system I described before which is just automatic at the times mentioned in the blog. 10 new every day until every player on the tip 4 leagues is added.

    Not sure when the ipo's will stop though because they seem to be in large habit of adding championship players currently so it could go on forever.

    I think the more players added they will have to increase the dividends to keep people interested but I reckon the world cup will being some serious interest.

  • @Stevo Don't the 200 most expensive players at Midnight make up the top 200 for Media Buzz rather than a pe-determined 2 man promotion like in the old days??

  • @Agatello hmm yeah I think you're right actually mate. It's the promotion/relegation thing that's confusing me. Rather than the top two it's just whoever is the top 200 highest at the end of the day is eligible for media buzz.

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