Rise in value

  • New to this so trying to learn.

    Most players I look at seem to have risen quite substantially during the last month, is there a reason for this? And should I expect a lot of them to fall....being new I’m worried that if I invest now all of my investments will fall.


  • @Samz1991 start of the season is coming July has been a busy month in the past everyone changing their portfolio for the new season , there hasn’t been any exponential growth this month no , nothing to worry about

  • @jay okay cool...thanks for the reply

  • @Samz1991 June saw the platform boom due to a deposit bonus being offered. So a slow down was inevitable, but with the new season round the corner I expect things to pick up pace very soon. If your new beware of buying players close to being transferred because 9 times out of 10 there will be quite a drop in price when the transfer goes through.

  • @Samz1991
    i joined very end july last year and it still rose considerably for the month of august. but june july august were the main ones in 2018 but thats because they introduced inplay divs after to give some price to the older players, which obviously upset the market.

    Just be careful, its all trading/gambling. try to buy before transfers and before the hype, if you buy after a sudden rise he has to play well or traders will sell and take the profit. for example if milinkovic savic or fernandes moves to united they will shoot up. If you buy at the top they need to be playing and playing well

  • @kaka8 IPDs weren’t around at the start of the last season, they launched in November 2018

  • @Jonah cheers for the reply, so by that logic if your interested in buying a player, who’s a top class player (let’s say Pogba) but obviously the media hype is already massive because it’s been an on going story, then hold out till after the potential transfer and his price might drop slightly?

  • @kaka8 I’m presuming I done exactly this with wan-bissaka I bought him at £2.32 when I joined a month ago during the hype of his transfer only for his price to now be down to £1.92 , thankfully I have only started so decided to buy one share at a time in lots of players to see how prices are affected , on the plus side I’ve earned 27p dividends and he always seems to be near MB pay outs , will be keeping a hold of him to see what happens when the season actually starts

  • @Samz1991 the general consensus on here is buy on rumour sell on news. This is because these players with possible transfers have now had money invested in them weeks ago hoping to pick up media divs. So when the deal is done the media attention disappears hence the player will receive no media divs and some traders will sell to realise their profits causing a dip in price.

  • Just pick any young kid breaking through that will play in pre-season. Look at the Chelsea kids and Duncan and Brewster last night. All these kids rise, pick a profit line before you buy and get out then. United game this weekend. McTominay is decent value, still below 1 pound. Greenwood will rise with a goal but hes 3 +

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