Calling all Arsenal fans

  • Arsenal Fans,

    What do you think this season has in store for Reiss Nelson?

    I am looking to invest before any preseason hype occurs should he play well (Brewster tonight) but I would like your opinions on where he will sit in the Arsenal Team this season.

    Anyone else, please feel free to add your input.

    Cheers x

  • @TomIrving As an arsenal fan been waiting for him since he was 17 , I do believe he will get a chance as I don’t believe we will be signing a winger due to funds, he has looked a good player at youth England and youth arsenal as well as Hoffenheim , can see him taking a big boost if he can get himself a pl goal in the first few games

  • @TomIrving smith Rowe is cheaper younger wouldn’t say better but both have great potential can see smith stealing the shine

  • @NewUser110245 wouldn’t really touch upon age difference only around a year and Reiss is only 19 so in 3 years he will be 22, both great talents nevertheless

  • Dont really like creating new threads if I can help it. Bit tenuous this but never mind.

    I hold 3 arsenal players. Tierney, ceballos and saka. I know why saka is dipping but I've just looked at this


    Is there a particular reason why these 3 are the oy arsenal players suffering? Lacazette is down 2p in 24 hours but these 3 in particular are taking a hit. The whole team has been a bit iffy so I'd just be interested in ppls thoughts, cheers

  • @MickTurbo my guess would be that cause Lacazette is back people have realised Saka won’t be a starter and that Tierney didn’t post a great PB score so have written him off as a PB prospect. Think the Arsenal players might be going through the drop that a lot of United players went through, as people are losing faith in them as a team. Only Arsenal player I hold is Tierney and I’m confident he will turn out a good PB hold

  • Unai Emery assistance chart results...


  • @ChazFI123 I agree about tierney. He looks very PB friendly despite 1 iffy score. I just seem to have picked the 3 that have took the brunt of it that's all

  • @MickTurbo he should’ve got an assist yesterday, Hennessy pulled off a bit of a worldie from Lacazette to stop it. Not sure if he can defend, but you don’t need to be able to be a good PB defender (just look at Wan-Bisakka for example)

  • I hold Nelson at a loss but as an arsenal fan I do think he'll come good. Part of his dip in price is that he's been out with a knee injury but a run of a couple of good games will see him🚀🚀🚀

  • Ceballos I've held 3 times now thinking he is going to come good but each time it all turns sour.
    I sense he could be a quality player at some point but every time he does not perform people loose faith.

  • I hate holding arsenal players as hate a double whammy negative, which recently is all you're going to get as a gooner.
    But I do hold: Nelson, ceballos and xhaka.
    Ceb n xhak due to pb potential and mb as transfer limbo n cpt. Nelson as I've seen enough to think bare minimum he goes abroad and makes it to eng squad at some point.
    We will see plenty more of him.

  • @Westy I find that weird I’m most comfortable holding arsenal players and I have flipped and made money on the majority of our team. Why is it you don’t like to hold?

  • @Westy looking ahead if you can keep them until December. Arsenal have 2 games on either a Monday or/and Friday evening so have a good chance of getting something back or a good chance to sell.👍

  • @jay just that any negative actions/results hit me hard as a fan and as a holder on here. I never mixed FPL with Arsenal either.

    Where by holding Kane, Pogba etc if they do bad I'm happy as a gooner, if they do well I'm happy as a holder.

    It really muddies the water when I'm cheering on Kane for a hatrick or even wishing Rashford scores winners for utd!

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