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  • I am fairly new to FI and have been researching the Bundesliga, I saw that Borrussia Dortmund have a friendly later today and that Paco Alcacer looks a great player, I know he scored loads last season and is only 25. Any other BVB or Bundesliga recommendations? Thanks

  • Alcacer plays often as a sub which severely stunts his PB scores unfortunately.

    I hold Reus as I think he is a class act, quite cheap and still has a few years left yet.

  • Good tip! Mahmoud Dahoud looks good value. Would love to have had Sancho but think I've missed that train.

    Reus looks good but maybe a bit old at 30? Do you think there is much capital appreciation in him?

    BvB have alot of midfielders I don't know. Some more research needed i think!

  • Dortmund are a great side for PB. Whilst Alcacer will no doubt score goals, he will have to compete with Thorgan Hazard and Julian Brandt in his own team for PB and both have an all-round game that is better suited to the PB matrix as they are more involved in the overall play.
    In midfield, they also have Witsel who has a great PB base although doesn't score even goals to win too regularly.

  • @Rory their defenders akanji, zagadou and hakimi all tend to post good pb scores and are less rotated than the midfield and forwards

  • Alcacer is a great hold, perfect for IPD. He scores goals for fun and hasn’t reached his previous peak yet so is underpriced, especially considering the market has grown.

    I expect he will go up over the coming weeks as people start to see the value.

  • Thanks Janna and Black wolf. I like Akanji and have looked at him before but he seems quite expensive at £1.46. Looked into Brandt and although he is £1.77 I can see he was worth a lot more at the end of last season so I think I will invest in him. Might wait for IPD benefit though!

  • @Jamie agree, he will rise (look at his 6 month graph) when the new season kicks in.

    Think Brandt is the best option....young, realtively cheap still and has good pb. Also will now be playing in a better team than last year so will only get better!

    Elsewhere I have high hopes for another great season for Nico Elvedi. Quality defender at minchengladbach

  • @Jamie . That is what I thought. I followed him last season as a football fan and and although he was a super sub i think he has earned himself some starts. I think he might get a goal this afternoon too

  • Dortmund were good for PB last year as they play a possession game with lots of passing which is good for the PB matrix, for defenders and mids especially , unfortunately they seemed allergic to clean sheets or Akanji could have won every week pretty much! He was standout for PB when playing. I’m waiting to see how they line up this season with new signings but have gone for Akanji, Brandt and T Hazard.

  • I have gone for Brandt now. Thank you for all of the tips! Will keep an eye on BvB! Any other top Bundesliga tips?

  • I wouldn’t go for alcacer personally. He’s one of those players who scores goals but doesn’t suit FI - too expensive for pure IPD player when you can get goal scorers half the price , rarely wins PB as less involved than others.
    I would look at other CBs who pass a lot though - Tah , Elvedi come to mind.

  • @Rory said in Borrussia Dortmund:

    I have gone for Brandt now. Thank you for all of the tips! Will keep an eye on BvB! Any other top Bundesliga tips?

    Elvedi as mentioned. Also rebic at jovic is gone should be their main man and is undervalued at arou d the 80p mark. Also has European football where they should go far

  • Note also Dortmund have signed Hummels. He could be great value for PB if he’s their main starter.
    Other players - Demirbay, Amiri, Schlager, Haidara, Weghorst, Kramaric , keep an eye on Bayern defence and if Kimmich is classified as def or mid.

  • I’ve got futures in Hazard and Brandt, personally think they’re gonna both improve a lot under Dortmund’s attacking philosophy

  • I think Borrussia Dortmund could win it this year!

  • Bundesliga could be great this year with Dortmund, Leipzig sure to improve under Nagelsmann, and Leverkusen who on their day can blow anyone in that league away. Won't be easy for Bayern.

  • Zagadou (BVB) would be my recommendation. Young, Just over £1, starter and links to a move away.

  • Quite a few Bundesliga suggestions ( i hold all )......

    Orban - Leipzig - goalscoring centre back 50p
    Kostic - E.Frankfurt - high PB and decent G&A midfield - £1.09
    Reus - B.Dortmund - IPD 96p
    Weghorst - Wolfsburg - IPD 84p
    Volland - Leverkusen - IPD 71p
    Martin - Mainz - PB defender 51p

  • Yeah looking forward to the Bundesliga this year. Quite a few teams with friendlies today so interesting to see if it affects prices.

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