Lukaku Media Bonus

  • I have been a holder in Lukaku since I started and he has gained me 7 lots of Media bonuses in just over a month.
    He is still pretty cheap and I can see this Inter deal dragging on he is 3rd again today as it stands.
    Do you think I should double up?
    Thoughts please I am still pretty new and any advice would be welcomed. Thanks.

  • @Big-Daddy The only thing to be aware of is if the deal does go through his price will drop. If you think it will drag out and are confident in reacting quickly to any news of a move then he will almost certainly continue to pick up some MB along the way.
    One that needs to be monitored closely I would say as I can see a very quick 20p + drop in price if he moves to Inter.

  • My long term plan was to keep him until the Euros next summer as I believe Belgium 🇧🇪 have a great chance to win it or be there or there abouts.
    He is their number one striker and will play every game I also think if he does go to Inter he will smash it in Italy 🇮🇹
    If he stays at Utd he will still get a chance and he will still score a few.
    Is there any chance he could be a £2-3 player in Italy if he hits the ground running?

  • @Big-Daddy Personally I would say no. If he leaves United he wont have the MB he gets now, and generally speaking he's not good for PB.
    I agree with you that he will bang the goals in at Inter but for me that makes him a very good IPD player so that puts him in the £1 to £1.20 range for me probably rising around the time of Euro 2020. Of course that's on the assumption that dividends don't change.
    He's someone I have on my radar if he leaves Utd but the price would need to be right for me.

  • @Big-Daddy

    IMO his only real appeal was playing for United. If he goes, that goes aswell. Never been a pb player. He may pick up some media from the euros but I would find somewhere else for my money.

    If you feel he could rise whilst in Italy I'd wait and buy after the drop when he completes the transfer.

  • Thank you very much for the comments lads it has given me some food for thought sometimes it’s nice to hear from some of the more experienced players.

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