Friday 16th Feb - IPO preview

  • Mega late on this one but expect the biggest gains from Embalo (to Utd for 20m) and Maddison huge hype for 50p.

    Bonatini should rise north of 75p but according to Wolves fans a step below Jota n Neves.

    Grealish is a bit pricey at 70p for me but gets on the news alot so will no doubt see some action.

    Haven't checked the foreigners coming out this afternoon though yet.

  • I have got no idea why Maddison has rocketed and Grealish has barely moved. Grealish is coming into form andis pretty much going to be a prem player next season. Maddison is good but he will stay at Norwich for another year or two as he isnt ready for a step up just yet. It baffles me sometimes.

  • @NewUser123571 Me neither, so I googled - he's been linked with a summer move to Man City. Wish I'd googled yesterday :-D

  • I think the first page on Google usually has a lot to answer for - Maddison - the next Alli/XXFC ready to bid etc. Grealish is more along the lines of he's finding his form at Villa etc.

    Also when I compared them on Whoscored I think Maddison looked far better than Grealish so went for JM over JG too.

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