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  • Hi,

    I'm pretty new to the FI platform so just gaining an understanding as I go along. Whilst I know what the PB is and why it is important, I was just hoping for someone to be able to say what you should be looking out for when assessing whether players are good for PB?
    I am on the Footy Index Scout so can analyse the players, but I see a lot of people on the forums etc. referring to PB averages and stuff. What do people normally say is a good average to base stats off? For example, I have seen a few say an average of around 70 PB is good, but I just don't know really.
    Any advice on PB or dividends in general would be appreciated!

  • @ToffeeBlue Everyone looks at different things here. Personally the average is pretty much irrelevant to me as it isn't the average that will win PB but the high peak scores.
    An average of 100 is pretty useless as far as im concerned if the player just has a load of scores between 90 and 110.
    A perfect example on Footy Index Scout is TAA and Robertson.
    Robertson has an overall average of 101 but has never won PB.
    TAA has an overall average of 85 but has 6 PB wins.
    Now look at their top 5 average and you will see why. TAA has a top 5 average of 217 and Robertson 178. Robertson is more consistent but never gets the peak scores good enough to win.
    Key things to look for - players that take free kicks, corners and penalties, players that get a lot of possession and their team runs through them.

  • @janner73 thanks for the advice! That makes a lot more sense now.

  • @janner73 is spot on with the importance of peak scores. As a very rough rule you're looking at 200+ scores when looking for players with a shout of winning PB. Obviously all depends if it's a single, double or triple match day.

    I've seen forwards win with a terrible scores of 50 or less on single days and 250+ could fall short on treble days.

    Average scores are still a nice indicator but remember this is all historical data and circumstances change.

    A player rarely completing 90 mins might have poor historical scores. Once they start playing full games then it could dramatically change.

    Someone posting a lot of scores around 120-150 at a poor team gets a move to a better team could suddenly be pushing to 200+

  • On the point about TAA and robbo, they are good PB performers but are hindered because they are in direct competition with VVD who is even better.

    I asked a question a while back about gomez appearing better value than maguire. In the real world I'd pick Gomez every day but hes got the 3 mentioned above to compete with so hes up against it. Meanwhile I'm maguire goes to utd hes got shaw bailly etc, and awb, who I personally think could be stiff competition, but hes not vvd or robbo.

    So a players team mates are a big factor because even on a monday night TAA and Robbo are likely to need 200+ to get near VVD

  • @MickTurbo
    Agree with your point generally and don’t have any data to hand but think TAA was outscoring VVD regularly iirc? He racks up the crosses which are good for PB.
    VVD does seem a lot better for MB though, and will win PB when he scores vs TAA regular assists, so both look good holds I’d say.

  • As mentioned above if a player can't get the best PB scores in his own team, he's almost worthless as a PB hold.

    Tielemans is another player who springs to mind, he's an excellent player but almost always gets outscored by Maddison, meaning his PB win chances are really slim

  • @Indexical I actually hold TAA and not VVD. I didnt know he was out scoring VVD. Is it a case of VVD higher average but TAA a few huge scores?

    Either way TAA is a good hold I think because hes still so young and could conceivably be the best full back in the world in a few years, and liverpool look likely to be challenging on all fronts in the foreseesble

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