Griezmann => Barca confirmed

  • Just confirmed Barca singed him for €120m buyout clause great move imo . Barca have made his buyout clause £710million huge money , happy he didn’t go to PSG as it looked close at one point, what’s everyone’s thoughts on this because a lot of Barca players seemed to not want him , where does this leave his FI price ? personally I see it rising as a small amount and settling.

  • Personally I see a lot of rotation next season at Barca. Suarez and Messi are pushing on and Dembele and Coutinho either injured, out of form or favor.
    Possibly one of Dembele and Coutinho leaving and if Neymar joins then imo Griezmann would be essentially worthless

  • @Gregolocky Barca have already completely ruled out Neymar so not a worry , each player not quite in there prime for different reasons expect Griezmann however still a deadly attack

  • @jay I’m not a Griezmann holder so I’m inclined to stay away now because he was the main man for Athleti taking many set pieces and pens. Also with their tight defense any goal he scored was likely to be a gwg. I can see his pb dropping next season, however when Messi is not playing he’ll have a very good chance of pb in those games.

  • @Gregolocky neither am I a holder , just find it a very interesting situation and transfer just curious to hear people thoughts

  • @jay I know what you mean pal, I was gonna pull the trigger on him a few times but talked myself outta it 😂.
    I think just monitor him for first few games of season and maybe get in during the season and the euros

  • Will be interesting to see how Griezmann performs in terms of PB at Barca. Last season there were only 3 players who finished in the top 5 PB scores more often, but two of them already play for Barca (Messi and Suarez).

    I'm inclined to think that in a more attacking team, Griezmann will improve his PB scores. Messi can't win PB every time he plays, and I think Griezmann will be in with a great chance to pick up divs on any day where Messi is either not starting or not absolutely dominating. Several times last season we saw Barca struggle to break teams down when Messi wasn't starting, and they turned to him off the bench on a few occasions to save them. I see no reason Griezmann can't take some of the pressure off Messi and they can't both thrive with regards to PB.

    Bottom line is that Griezmann will make Barca better, so in theory Barca as a team will have more players in the hunt for PB, and that means Griezmann will be one of the players right at the forefront of that hunt.

  • Good news for me, as I can't see Barcelona signing Neymar now.

    I don't particularly want two of my main holds (Neymar and Messi) competing in the same side.

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  • I would be inclined to think its bad for him long term for reasons others have given. Kind of have to see how it plays out. His base might improve though.

    What did suarez get pb wise last year, that might be a reasonable comparison. He is trading at 75p but is obviously a lot older.

    Don't think it's a disaster for him by any means but if I was holder I would be probably looking to trade out I think although it being a euro year might help him.

  • @mike778 I hope that isn't the case as I do hold him. Hopefully a good start to the season and his price will spike so I can flog him for a bit of profit.

  • Could be MB for a while on this. Looking good value imo, in an attacking team we could see high PB scores. Messi isn’t getting any younger. Value for Euro’s also, this is a season long type hold.

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