Umaro Embalo

  • Okay, so I proper ballsed this up today. I was employing my usual IPO tactics to try and get him as early as possible but the first time he appeared in the search bar, he did not then appear in the squad list after selecting him, or at least I couldn't see him. I refreshed again, managed to find him and bought max, without realizing I was buying at £1.15! We're talking a matter of 55p in about 5 seconds... crazy but it is what it is. Obviously I should have checked the price but no other IPO I have went for exploded quite as quickly as that.

    He's been as low as 88p but starting to recover a bit. I don't really want to take a loss as it would wipe out the profit I've made on recent trades, but also he's now my biggest hold and have no more capital to play with. I was wondering what people think would happen to his price if this rumored move to Man Utd comes off?

  • My son joined about 10 days ago and put £200 in, he was going to buy just a few Sanchez, the dog jumped up on him and somehow it clicked on buy max. He has just seen a massive dive in his price and is now desperate to sell. I should not laugh but hey it is funny.

  • Yep, I'm trying to see the funny side of my own mishap. Was furious when it happened though. I swear the search function is deliberately trying to sabotage me.

  • @Jazzman The IPOs are a total mess, I refuse to get involved with any more until they sort the system to stop the screen freezing until the price has increased a huge % as happened to you. But now that it has - yes, I'm confident his price will rise higher than what you paid if the United move happens, but you'll have your capital tied up for a while waiting. You can't instant sell for now anyway so just keep an eye on the price and see if it gets to a point you consider reasonable. But ultimately what you think he is worth is more important than what you paid.

  • @BL__FI Thanks for that. I'm gonna hold him for a bit and hope for the transfer, and also swear off the IPOs for good.

  • @Jazzman The same thing happened to me.

    In my opinion, the IPO process / system is a shambles and is open to abuse - i.e. the possibility of employees passing timing information onto their friends to buy futures immediately as IPOs are offered.

    From now on I'm going to stick to the tried and tested strategy of investing in established top quality players. No more IPOs for me.

    Be prepared for more pain with Embalo's price over the next few days. But overall he should be a good long term hold. He's destined for a club in one of Europe's big five leagues (fingers crossed it's Man Utd that sign him) and it wouldn't surprise me if he becomes a £3.00 or a £3.50 player over the next three years.

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