Kane to overtake Neymar ?

  • Hey Guys

    Let's hear your opinions on this....it all comes down to if either of them make a move or if either of them have a decent World Cup.

    By the beginning of next season I can see Kane worth more then Neymar....



  • I'd say they might potentially cross over briefly in the run up to the WC but that would be it. Neymar will always be a better PB hold than Kane and better for MB aside from when all the talk is about the England national team. Kane would generate a lot of MB if a move to Real is rumoured, but that would drop if it actually goes through (look at Bale). But Neymar would also generate the MB from rumours, and then I think would generate even more MB playing for Real than he already gets at PSG. Can't imagine a situation where Kane would still be worth more at the start of next season personally. OK, maybe if England win the World Cup ...

  • No chance unless neymar gets injured. Kane currently overpriced for dividends but neymar just destroys PB and MB like no-one else

  • Can’t see it. Kane is being propped up by the prospect and excitement of the WC . He’s over priced already and once the summer is over and he’s still at Spurs he’ll drop at least 10%, maybe more.

  • @Noirx4 said in Kane to overtake Neymar ?:

    No chance unless neymar gets injured. Kane currently overpriced for dividends but neymar just destroys PB and MB like no-one else

    How is kane overpriced for dividends ? Do people actually look at numbers before posting. He has one of the highest yields on the index. Honestly.

    Depending on how the england media hype goes, he may go top briefly around the world cup. Pretty much every player whose price is boosted by the world cup will be a due drop though.

    This is why you should never plan to hold a player for 3 years as virtually everyone has a forecastable drop.

  • @mike778 since November Kane has achieved 59p in dividends. Not bad you say yes that makes him 5th highest pay out. However it also puts him at a 7% return on his current value. That's 3% below what I class as a solid baseline of around 10% per quarter. Take neymar at 11%, Ronaldo at 13%, aguero 13%, salah 10%.

    This is why I say he is currently overpriced he is inflated by the prospect of world cup media atm.

  • Great insight Noir, thanks!

  • 7 percent a quarter is damn good especially seeing as he has consistently returned , its not a one off quarter.

    Aguero has hit a hot run and doesnt have the history on the index to justify it being sustainable. I personally own salah, ronaldo and naymar. Just because they have an even better return this quarter doesnt mean kane is over- valued.

    Sure the world cup is boosting his value but there is a pretty obvious reason for that.

  • @mike778 I'm not saying it isn't good I'm saying for me he is currently overvalued due to world cup inflation. I'm simply voicing an opinion others are entitled to theirs

  • Fair enough - to me though that doesn't make any real financial sense.

    Regardless of the world cup, any player that maintains 7% per quarter will make up their entire price just from dividends in under 4 years. I'm not saying for a second Kane will keep that up but if he does then (in my opinion) his current price is massively under-priced. 30% return per year (plus capital gain and if he returns 30pc per year then there will be capital gains) is fantastic so I don't see how your argument holds any water at all.

    Anyone can pick out a number of players who have had a hot run and regard that as the benchmark but in the real world - expecting 10% per quarter long term is unrealistic and probably bordering on cloud cuckoo land. Like I said, I'm not going to fight you on most of your examples (as I own them) but I'd be shocked if they make 10% in dividends every quarter. If they do then their price would quickly correct.

    Kane to me looks a solid long-term investment at his current price - if keep up his recent (as in last 6 months) yield then you can replace solid with fantastic investment than you can sit on long-term for a good return (assuming nothing bad happens which you can say with every other player). In reality that isn't how you should play the index, like any player Kane will have predictable spikes and dips. There's a decent chance he peaks during the world cup so I'll be looking to sell him early on in the WC, wait for the inevitable dip after it then buy back.

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