Price Changes

  • How can a players price drop if you can’t instant sell?

    Embalo only got added today yet his price was as high as £1.21 now he is 96p. How can a price drop if people are only selling on the market.

    I get the price would drop if you instant sold because FootballIndex are having to buy those shares back, however when you sell on the market people must actually still be buying so why the 25p drop?

    On a side note this is my first post, wow! How irritating is the grey text/white background!!!

  • @Wino1
    Not sure about the price drop but there are a bunch of different themes you can use for forum in the options menu if the colour scheme is irritating you

  • I'm pretty sure it's affected by how many futures are currently up for sale, more supply than demand means a drop in price.

  • This is the problem with FI on many occasions it benifits the traders who get in first in seconds many times people have asked for a fairer way shares are issued today I have Dzysuba at 18p losing 1/3rd of his value for no other reason than most likely one trader managed to get the lot at IPO day and inflate price which ain’t acceptable in a normal stock market where there’s allocation policy’s in place

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