Amount of Neymar holds.

  • I currently hold about 30 futures in Neymar, with the plan of keeping him up until about Christmas/new year.
    Is there any point in holding a relatively small amount of futures like that, or could my money be better spent elsewhere?
    Thinking of going in on Thorgan Hazard and Rashford

  • What was your reasons for buying the 30 you hold? Has anything changed?
    Dont just sell because you are getting bored of looking at them, you will lose 2% commision and doing that to often will hurt your profits.. if something has changed and the reason you hold him is no longer there then sell.

  • @Andy I see ur 6 months on here

    To answer this YOU need to divulge ur strategy:

    Are you chasing divs
    Are you trying to free up funds
    Is there another in ur port who is ‘dead wood’ ❓

  • Why not?

    I have about 50 neymar. Generally I have a limit of around 500 quid a player and buy in 50s so it's all that can fit into budget. Same with pogba, gives me an interest in the mb and PB payouts without over extending into one player.

  • @Bigfella @Friedeggs @mike778 i originally bought some with the intent of being a PB player for next season, however having had him for a number of weeks now, seeing the MB returns, I was just wondering would it be worth it holding a relatively small amount of futures in someone, or would it be better off investing into someone else who is slightly cheaper.
    Just a thought. I would quite like to top up on some Rashford and De Bruyne I hold, again, that’s just a thought

  • Banned

    I have 24 and bought when his price crashed after the rape allegations.
    +16.56 on cap app
    +11.52 on divs

    17% ROI.

    ROI is all I am interested in. If I get that right, the money will flow in. The actual amounts of cash don't matter in the slightest.

  • @MrWh1te Agree with you on that, ROI is the main thing

  • He has to win 25p in divs for you to be able to buy 1 share in him, so wouldn't waste my time on just that, but if you have other players bringing in the divs too, then it's probs best to hold, as you got a good price and he could go up a so much more, and transfer spec will only get bigger if he doesn't go this summer

  • I hold 175 Neymar and he provides me with a nice steady flow of money every month. Very consistent.

  • @Jad1982 agreed. He’s currently the only player in my port atm that brings in any MB, but I bought him with the upcoming season in mind

  • I hold 112 and he's been handy for MB. I'd keep topping up at the moment as he's going to keep rising come the start of the season

  • @Andy Well if you dont want guaranteed MB and PB payouts sell away. Hes most expensive player on FI for a reason. If he stays at PSG (which I expect, though not too bothered if he doesnt) and starts picking up PB like he did before his injury last season he will be £8/£9 and you will be jumping on the gravy train after posting on the forum 'Am I too late?'

    But it's your money do what's right for you

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