Muller Or T Werner

  • Werner or muller?
    This is for World Cup, I have shares in both. Interesting topic, Werner the up and coming striker but then muller has a great record at World cups - a bit like Klose .

    Who is more value as Muller seems cheap compared to Werner?

  • Interesting debate.

    Muller has always been a player thats baffled me. He's not a midfielder and he's not a striker. He describes himself as an interpreter of space. Technically he's not the greatest player, he isn't blessed with pace but he is a handful, a nuisance and has that unbelievable knack with being at the right place at the right time.
    I haven't seen much of Werner but his price on the Index is more for his potential. Apparently being linked with moves away from Leipzig as well.
    I hold Muller and not Werner, primarily because I have moulded my portfolio for the WC. For me Muller gets the nod through his experience. A WC winner and always top of the goalscoring charts. That's invaluable experience. Muller starts with possibly Werner being the impact sub. Muller potentially could grow to around the £2 mark in time for the WC if he gets the nod and does the business again.

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