Thoughts on Herbie Kane!

  • @9stevo

    Maybe you’re right, but if that’s the case why did Liverpool block his loan move to Rangers?

  • @ocs123 no idea could be any number of things. For a start Klopp is famously not keen on loans, they're much more an exception than the norm at liverpool. He likes having his players (youth and first team) at melwood, in fact the first thing he did when he took over from Brendan was cancelled all loans. Not looking to argue with anyone just wanted to let people know he's nowhere near the team and is unlikely to play in the cups.

  • @Westy

    haha this is the first player i'm truley gutted about - i banged the drum for ages and then sold him last week...saw the news last night after a few beers!....i needed a few more to get over it

  • @G27 he has now stalled.

    When does the loan window close? Maybe some waiting for that.

    As soon as he's on the bench in any game he goes up 10-20p more quickly I reckon.

  • Ryan Kent sold to Rangers. Bobby Duncan sold to Fiorentina.

    As things stand, it looks like Herbie Kane is staying at Liverpool. Encouraging signs!

  • @9stevo said in Thoughts on Herbie Kane!:

    He won't get in the team for the league cup (bench maybe but even that I'd doubt) he's miles away from the team and has Lallana, Keita, Milner, Ox-Chambo, and even Curtis Jones ahead of him at the moment who aren't starting games. That a lot of competition for three midfield places. Most likely place for him is U23s... Thats not to say people won't buy him and there isn't money to be made, just don't think he'll be starting in the League Cup cause he won't!

    Oh dear... your prediction is looking a bit shaky at the moment.

    He's been named in the Champions League squad, so appearances in the League Cup are definitely on the radar.

  • @ocs123 literally scroll down the posts on the forum and you'll see that Kane is only in the squad cause he's born after 1998, you can name an unlimited number of players under that age so why wouldn't they name him. Doesn't mean he is anywhere near actually playing

  • @ChazFI123

    I've answered this in the other thread and your logic makes no sense.

  • @ocs123 😂 Christ give it up will ya!! He can be named in the Champions league squad because of his age!!!

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