Adnan Januzaj

  • Am I missing something as to why he is so cheap, think he will have a good season and Euro's next summer to come, should double minimum this season at worst

  • @MUFC injuries most likely.Not sure he gets that much games for Belgium these days either. But Sociedad have an exciting front three, he could well be a good shout.

    I’m still waiting for him to declare for England, he’ll be worth loads when he does!

  • Because of injuries hes struggled to play and when he has hes not played well in terms of FI. Couple of seasons ago he used to pick up a few divs in single div days but then injuries ruined his form. He has the potential but cant see people wanting to invest until he has a good run and improves his PB scores

    Not picked up PB for 629 days.

  • 1 of 1000s that never reached the burdened “potential” and stats of 48 games with 3 goals aren’t great for an average Liga side but injuries clearly have had an impact on that.
    Might be a decent long term shout though.
    He is a common household name and just needs a decent run and a few special moments and he’ll certainly have his time and rise in the lime light.
    I’m however a bit too impatient so not my cup of tea!

  • He gets a hard time, he has hardly failed.

    This is a good article.

  • He’s one of my biggest holds. Potential to increase in price by a lot if he has a decent start to season. Januzaj scored in the friendly a couple of days ago so fit and firing at the moment
    Real Sociedads team is shaping up quite nicely for this season with Odegaard and Isak in the team.

  • @Ben_pz

    Do you still hold ?

    Come into form before covid19.

    I see him rising gradually .. still only 25

  • @MI25 Held for a long time and did well out of him. Think I got him closer to 40p though.

    Is in and out of the Sociedad team but seems to be more to do with attitude than ability. As you said got into a bit of form before the break and was linked to moves with Roma at Christmas. Wouldn't surprise me if he got move somewhere soon.

  • I think he is a good shout however you'd be relying on him stepping it up a notch

    But considering he has that premier league connection (good for MB), transfer spec, probably going to Euros, able to score 200+ and also the fact that he didn't seem to suffer much with ME introduction could be a good one for 100% profit in a years time

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