Matt Macey

  • WHY?
    All I can see is an article being:
    “Macey looks to have won battle to be third choice goalkeeper”
    Is there a logical and decent reason for the stupid rise?
    Alternatively if it’s a pump then how do you all get in on these early enough to make money out of them?

  • It’s a pump , he will fall when leaving the risers list. Also how you get in before is usually you don’t , it’s a group of people who speak and instantly drop £1000s into cheap random players and sit back as other people try to catch along and miss out before selling out when they have all made profit.

  • @jay How do they sell that much in 300 lumps before being hit by a larger spread and split though!

  • Banned

    always stick to your hunch...when i joined a month ago one of the first ppl i saw was chalov because he was linked to arsenal and i nearly bought him around 60p for 500 shares but somebody told me not to go for him simply because hes not in a dividends league so i left look at him linked to pool,arsenal and hes risen big time

    lesson learned from me you dont always have to have players for dividends..transfer links are also the way forward then get out when you think hes risen enough because thats what most ppl will do because he isnt in a known league.

  • I watched him play several times last season for a relegated league 1 team (Plymouth Argyle). He had no presence, lost his place and looked like he would struggle at any level above league 2.

    I feel bad for anyone who didn't do their research on this one. Do people seriously still fall for this?

  • @Shnurgan there’s not a big is price spilt as the players are cheap and although prices drop once sold they are all still profiting, my advice don’t even look into that not worth it 👍

  • Given Arsenal's lack of transfer funds, maybe Emery fancies converting him into a centre back, as I certainly don't see him getting any game time in goal any time soon. If not, perhaps it's just another pump and dump. Either way, I'd stay well clear.

  • Having seen him for Argyle a few times last year, stay well clear, there's more chance of me playing for Arsenal this year than Macey.

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