England are world champions!

  • Just had a quick scroll through the threads/comments and to my knowledge nobody has even mentioned that England won the world cup! It's not every day this happens lads, this isn't a thing I would normally do but somebody on here has to show some appreciation! I'm only a casual cricket fan too for the record.

    What an incredible match that was, unbelievable drama with the two sixes and the super over, Ben Stokes is a national hero! Federer and Djokovic deserve a mention for their 5 set classic too, Federer blowing match points serving at 40/15, who was writing these scripts? what a day of sport, nerves would've been shredded for those with any money on either.

  • Is that Ben Stokes on the index?

  • @CJ0101 IPO tomorrow for 66p

  • Nah being serious its really been a great day for sport in this country. Ive never watched a cricket match before and didn’t have a whole lot of an idea of what was happening but it was enjoyable never the less. I was knackered just watching the tennis going on for ever and it seems to be forgotten that Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix more times than any other driver.

  • @CJ0101 it’s a great day for cricket as well , amazing game fit the scale of the final, got many people watching who wouldn’t even consider watching cricket like myself

  • Not a cricket fan but turned on after the tennis and quite enjoyed the super over concept.
    Hadn’t watched a second prior to that though but it was pretty tense and exciting for that ending!
    Does still annoy me that the win is based on a draw though!

  • I had 7/1 for hamilton, england and Federer 🤬🤬🤬

    First bet since I joined FI and last for a while, forgot the frustration

  • @Shnurgan Yeah I didn't like that but when that's tied too it goes down to who got the most boundaries in normal time, NZ were really hard done by have to feel for them.

  • Total sickener for the kiwis. Craziest game of cricket you will ever watch and it was World Cup final to boot. Come on England 🙌🏻

  • @MickTurbo Too bad, what stake?

  • @MickTurbo Always one leg that fails 😔

  • @Nally only £40 but when fed had the 2 match points I was already counting up the Brewsters 😂😂

    @Wb tell me about it mate, got some absolute sob stories from my proper gambling days lol

  • @MickTurbo That would've made me sick him blowing those match points, would you have hedged England after that or do you see accas through.

  • I'd of had a look at my cash out but chances are I'd of just put my phone away from me and waited it out.

    If I'd been looking at a grand or something I'd of looked at new Zealand's price and worked out a guaranteed 500 profit probably

  • @Nally here here! Never been a cricket fan myself but yesterday was just unbelievable. Made an incredible British GP (a real passion of mine) seem tame by comparison !!

  • Irish guy here and living in a rural village, there was 4/5 of us watching every bit of the cricket yesterday in the pub. It was great stuff even though we were getting dogs abuse for changing over from the tennis, good banter 😂.

  • @Gregolocky said in England are world champions!:

    Irish guy here and living in a rural village, there was 4/5 of us watching every bit of the cricket yesterday in the pub. It was great stuff even though we were getting dogs abuse for changing over from the tennis, good banter 😂.


  • @Advinculas-Index yep pretty much 🤣 trying to explain the rules was excruciating

  • Watched my first ever cricket match yesterday. General consensus is that it was the best ODI ever, so going to give up on a high and never do it again!

    Fair play to Sky for opening it up to the general public (I know it was a massive promo for them, and cricket, and in their interest to get more fans and future subscribers).

    Still feel sorry for NZ though, should have had a second super over (or more) until a clear winner was decided.

  • I posted a cricket related thread last week when we were smashing the Aussies and got about as much interest as i do when I ask FI to IPO new players...

    In reality it was a pretty drab final until the last few overs but limited overs cricket at its best (which this was) always comes good at the end when a run chase is passable... I must admit i feel so sorry for the NZ players whilst happy that we won they certainly were the better team in my opinion but perhaps we've deserved a bit of luck and we are the best one day side in the world so although it might not have been justice on the day, England were certainly justifiable winners of the World Cup for being the best batting team.

    Must admit even I weren't clear on the scores being tied being awarded on boundaries but the way England have played over the last 4 years we have been set up to score big shots so winning that way is testament to how Eoin Morgan and his men want to play.

    As said hats off to Sky although 10/20 years too late in my opinion.. this should have been done years ago although it might have come at a great time for our own domestic T20 competition which starts this week.. Hoping we'll reach a new breed of fan that likes the fast actioned pack style of cricket who we can one day educate enough to love the test and county championship scene just as much!!!

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