Media Buzz Winners Yesterday (14/7/19)

  • In spite of what I've just been saying, I really am a bit pissed off that not one of their lot has bothered to post an update on the forum or anything, yet they can sharp enough pin a thread telling us what we can and cant joke about.

    Very poor show all around from FI today, no divs, no updates no consultation, fuck all

  • @NewUser382165 said in Media Buzz Winners Yesterday (14/7/19):

    @MickTurbo and this doesn’t seem shit to anyone else?

    maybe, but rulez iz rules

  • @MickTurbo

    So which five should’ve been paid out? Sorry late to this!

    I’ve a few in Griezmann... am i owed a few pence?!

  • @MickTurbo couldn’t agree with you more. 👏

  • @APH yes. It was Maguire, Neymar, James, Pogba, Griezmann

  • @APH maguire, neymar, james, griezmann, pogba. Maguire is listed on news and data as the winner so presumably holders have been paid out for him

  • @MickTurbo

    Nope, not received a penny and hold 100 in him.

  • this rate, we won’t even receive dividends for today’s media top spots. ‘Summer Media Madness’ - never has such a promotion been so appropriate!

  • @MickTurbo Still waiting for mine as well.

  • still waiting for daniel james and pogba dividends......

  • @MickTurbo I got Maguire and Neymar paid at usual time, first and second. Still waiting for the rest of my full house. As you suggest poor form from FI not giving any update.

  • Looks like FI has a case of the Mondays

  • @NewUser382165 said in Media Buzz Winners Yesterday (14/7/19):

    @MickTurbo and this doesn’t seem shit to anyone else?

    First, I share the frustration with everyone. Also waiting for Pogba and Griezmann dividends.

    I wanted to pickup on this comment though. I think FI are right to only count full names in the headline. Imagine common surnames 'Smith', 'Andersen', 'Kim' etc. Would be a nightmare filtering the eligible players. Brazilian players will always be an exception as their full names are so rarely used. I did see Jesus referred to recently as 'Gabriel' (singular) which is an interesting prospect...

    MB has always had critics. Myself included. I much prefer PB which uses reputable stats to determine winners but what is the alternative for the summer and non-PB days? Could you create a better MB system? Having someone manually filter stories would be timely and costly. Not the most appealing job description either!

    One option I wonder about is programming associated words to identify players from the headline/ article itself. Ie Tierney + {club = Celtic} in the same sentence, or Griezmann + {France} etc. It won't help the 'Mendy' problem though or all of the Traores so you can start to see the challenges FI face....

    I guess another option is to reduce the news outlets which qualify and create agreements with the top 5 European outlets so they feed their headlines, or meta data in an agreed format? Although probably not desirable to FI (wonder if they make any commission here from the media outlets for linking to stories?)

    Wildcard, lose MB altogether and make FI PB only by opening up to non-European Leagues. There can't be many non matchdays if you include Asia, South America, US, Russia etc. I wouldn't miss MB personally but i get that the rules have been decided.

    To be honest, I wouldn't worry too much. They will be paid in due course. Many of us have actually benefitted from incorrect payouts so you have be tolerant of the odd delay.

  • I really expected this to be fixed before tonight's payments are due. Maybe, hopefully, we will get all paid at same time tonight. I don't want this dragging on days!

  • @Sol said in Media Buzz Winners Yesterday (14/7/19):

    Just got home from work and still nothing here either. Not looking good for FI. My portfolio is set up for media bonus and if this continues, I will sell my shares. Not happy at all.

    See ya then

  • The fact that tonight's seem to have been paid ok make it pretty clear to me there is a bug when there are tied scores. Only surprise is that it would take them so long to fix.

  • @Metropolis I’d limit the outlets, by far the easiest way to do it! The amount of crap that gets filtered through and counts as news/headlines is ridiculous. True that we would have problems with traores/smiths but if another neymar comes along before our current one retires I bet they’ll change the system for that since he’s a big hitter. But as FI only has one Tierney in their system I think it’s shit that the mb doesn’t get applied to him. And reducing the amount of media outlets which qualify would also make it very easy for one man to filter all the new stories as they’re released. Just my suggestion though

  • @NewUser382165 Shit or not, full name is plain as day in the rules so we all know that. It's one of the reasons players like Neymar are so highly priced.

  • got anything guys? i got today's dividends but still missing for yesterday...

  • @Mr-Random-number If you had invested as much as I have, you would be irate also. Don’t be so ignorant. You probably haven’t any media dividend winning players in your portfolio and have invested in sub £1 players. If you’ve been diddled over £120 by your bank, wouldn’t you complain? No, you would stay with your bank wouldn’t you..

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