New to FI

  • So I've just joined Football Index, as I think I can benefit from it and use my football knowledge well. I have a pretty broad knowledge of Economics too. My question is that what is the done thing around here? Invest in expensive players or upcoming players? Can someone explain Media and Performance Buzzes? Any other tips would be great, starting with an initial investment of £30

  • @KingJimoT so £30 is quite a small budget for FI but here is some basic tips.

    MB is 5p to top media player any day there is at least one match. MB is basically any story in English press and a couple of websites. If it's a massive article thats all about how great they are it's worth more MB points.

    PB go's to top mid, fwd and def each match day. PB is based on passing shots etc and there is another post on forum which explains how much each action is worth.

    People tend to have a mix of MB, PB players and up and comers. Neymar is almost a must due to his immense PB and MB stats. There are a number of sites and offerings now.where you can pay for historical data, analysis or journals etc. Read through the forum as lot of tips and knowledge shares here for free. Avoid Twitter tips they tend to be people plugging their own players. Lot of money to be made here of done right

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