Who Is Your Longest Hold?

  • This mornings portfolio mix up had me racing to my spreadsheet searching for the players i've held the longest and in October 2017 I acquired Harry Kane (2.87)... Neymar (3.23)... Paul Pogba (1.81) and Mo Salah 2.85) who I still hold today!!!

    Now the figures are slightly distorted as i've since topped up so the above is the ave price i've paid for all my shares in them but quite a bit of profit on all as Kane is now up to 4.70, Neymar is at 7.59 Pogba 7.43 & Salah 4.88....

    Who's your longest hold and what profit level are they at?????? Also what's your strategy with them??? Mines to keep as long as they are in form, as long as FI keeps growing and as long as I can!!!!

  • My longest hold is Asensio. The day I joined, average price £1.50(4p up)! The joke of it is is that it’s my 3rd worst current hold on p&l. I’ve got 44 players of which one is in the red, to the tune of 1p. I’m convinced he’ll come good one day obviously!

  • In terms of length, Peter Crouch 6ft 7”. *

    In terms of longevity, Raheem Sterling

    *i have no Peter Crouch Shares

  • Pedro Porro is my oldest, randomly.

  • Brandt... About 3 months 😂
    I buy in and out of players a lot. I. E. Rode the pog from Jan to share split... Made a killing, sold... Bought back in at 7.11...doubled down when he dropped to 6.90 odd last week. Same with neymar... Bought in Jan... Sold at split... Bought back in at 6.92 and 7.15
    Sold brewdog and greenwood at end of season... Bought back in during summer bonus.

  • I held Duda for 5 months last year, useless.

  • @Tom77 said in Who Is Your Longest Hold?:

    I held Duda for 5 months last year, useless.

    Now he is up!

  • Only joined FI in May, first player I brought was Rueben Neves, still hold him so he is my longest hold.

    Brought others on the same day which I still hold including Kane, TAA and Tielemans.

  • Donny Van De Beek when I joined in February but bought & sold various amounts of shares, earned very nice profits but my 50 left are in the red 🤣

  • Oldest purchases that I still hold. Robertson £1.77 old money, 59p now. And Mane £3.85 / £1.28.

    Both back at the start of last August. Shame I didn’t have a few thousand of them :)

  • These were my first purchases when I joined

    Only one of these I still hold is TAA, shame I didn't go big when I first joined, would be 48p in new money!


  • Raheem Sterling. My longest, and biggest, hold.

    0_1563377957799_Raheem Sterling.jpg

  • Mine is Dendoncker from when I completely rebuilt my portfolio after the share split

  • I held lots of Neymar and Hazard for nearly 3 years and sold recently, so current longest hold is Jadon Sancho, who I got in the November 2017 Black Friday IPO sale!

    Held ever since for a cheeky 1500% rise 😄😄

  • @playingcards1 amazing! Did you get any kind of notification from FI about nearly reaching the 3-year hold? Or were you tracking this yourself?

  • 1st purchase was Rashford at £4.11 per share split!
    Only bought 5 back then, sempt keen on Luke shaw as I got 20 of him. Soon sold him but kept my rashford and kept topping up and still do!!

  • Good thread this Danny

    What it emphasises to me is DON'T SELL. EVER....until your 3 years bet is nearly up! 😁.

    Seriously though, it does show that having patience pays off.

    My longest hold is Jovic, bought at 71p in October '18 (now over £2.40). I had around 200 at one point but only 25 left because of much needed diversification

  • My 3 longest holds, and first 3 buys around a year ago are:

    Virgil van dyke 1.15 —> 2.97
    Raheem sterling 2.59 —> 4.98
    John stones 0.86 —> 0.87

    VVD and sterling i have added to and increased average purchase price, but john stones (first day in the green today in 12 months), what an annoying hold, always slightly down, the only one of my first 50 or so that’s red.

  • Joined 1st of April.

    Only holds from that day are :-

    Kristoffer Ajer, bought 300 @ 31p. Topped up to 500, average price 37p, now 68p.

    VVD, bought 50 @ £2.48. Topped up to 200, average price £2.84, now £2.97.

    Tend to hold and not trade much so surprised to still only be holding these two, also not good looking back and seeing I originally had Mount, Abrahams, Reiss Nelson and Ryan Kent!

  • Nicolas Pepe is my longest current hold. Average buy price is £1.76.

    First shares I bought were £1.38 in new money.

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