Mousa Dembele

  • It’s happened at last! Has Moses parted the Red Sea No has there been a religious miracle of some other kind No so what’s happened. “A Badly IPOd players price has shown some form of life! With the excitement I rush to buy my first 5 futures. Solid on the ball but getting older but could go fair this year and a good player about number 20 in the squad with World Cup on its way. Thoughts on mr Dembele movement after the Juve match brave or stupid I’ve dioped my toe in with 5 futures?

  • No media interest and hasnt really landed any big PB scores. Might get gametime for Belgium but personally I won't be be touching.

    Fabregas is also £1.12, and the same age, and I think would offer you more in returns.

  • I understand that logic like I say only dabbled with 5 futures holding he retains position and progression in CL

  • There’s a statistic somewhere that in 2016 he lost the ball only once over a 4 month period. This must be a record totally crazy but true

  • I don't believe that Moussa Dembele has ever lost the ball???? I also don't believe he's ever been barged off the ball... He's a monster in midfield and I think he's one of the most underrated midfielders in world football.

    Problem is... He won't win FI buzz because those outrageous tabloid journo's don't understand football.... and the statistic gods also don't understand football... Maybe if he shoots from the half way line a few times to try and win a corner or if he sulks like Mahrez or Van Dijk to get a move he might win you some dividensds??? But whilst he's consistently brilliant for Spurs i doubt you'll earn much from him i'm affraid??? Which if I was a Spurs fan I would be more than happy to accept!!!

  • @dannypea

    I’ve just looked at the 111 MBuzz System and words like blocked losses points which explains why defenders don’t often win. United scores +1 every time it’s wrote

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