Francis Coquelin

  • Francis Coquelin (Valencia)

    Ex Arsenal man who at 22p is the cheapest player on the index playing in a PB league and also Champions league. Still only aged 28 with a PB average of 57 and a PB high of 202. Made 30 apps for Valencia last season scoring 1 goal. Plays in a much more advance role than he did at Arsenal.

    Excellent value imo.

  • You’ve posted this in the 20p players thread, the 40p players thread and now here.

    If everyone who had a hot tip on a cheap player posted it in multiple different places, the forum would be clogged up with repeat posts.

  • @ocs123 Didn't know there was law against it!!! Not everyone reads every thread pal. It's not a tip mate just my opinion.

  • If i was investing in Valencia players I would probably opt for Goncalo Guedes, Ferran Torres, Maxi Gomez, Dani Parejo, Carlos Soler, Kevin Gameiro maybe even Garay, Gabriel & Kondogbia before I consider Coquelin (which is the general conscientious which may be reflected in the others prices)...

    A 28 year old defensive midfielder who's failed in the Premier League is not really the best investment advice you can give???

    Valencia have much better PB alternatives and more younger fresher players that could potentially attract bigger moves and MB so If i were investing my 20 pences I would probably opt of Francis Coquelin????

    You might get a 10p rise for the pump though!!!!

  • @dannypea What are you on about? Like everyone on here you are allowed to give your opinion and that's all I'm doing. I deal with facts when giving my opinions unlike you. Here are some facts:-

    Coquelin is not a defensive midfielder for Valencia he's more of a box to box.
    Cheapest player on the index playing in a PB league and also Champions league.

    I was simply pointing out for someone aged 28 who has a PB high of over 200 and a decent PB average his value is excellent imo. Of course Valencia have better PB alternatives but price dictates my selections.

    Can you name me another player on the index who has so many positives valued any where near 22p?

    Not looking to pump mate just showing traders especially new ones that if you research hard enough you will find value at the cheap end of the market.

    Not hear to argue with anyone. I just want to give my opinion on players.

  • @Pagey74 I personally feel he is a good buy. Not many players of that price to have the PB potential this lad has.

  • Yeah I looked at him when he was about 18p and didn't take him. Got on him at 21p. As I said in another thread, he isn't going to be a £1 player but with Champions League football and a PB high of 200+ 21p a share seems a bit of a no brainer. Only has to get to 30p to give me a nice 50% ROI.

    I'm very conscious that if Coquelin was to score in a Champions League group tie next season he could easily rise 10p+ in one day with how people jump on IPDs

    I do hold Carlos Soler too who I also think is good value at Valencia.

  • @Pagey74 said in Francis Coquelin:

    Not hear to argue with anyone. I just want to give my opinion on players.

    thing is, if you do that - people can also give their opinions back. they may be opposing to yours. that's kind of how it works.

  • @Keegans-Bluff I accept that, however when it's not factual then it's not right and needs to be challenged.

  • @Pagey74 more than happy to listen to facts on Coquelin!!!!!!

    I don't have PB scores to hand but I have league stats on the following seasons..

    2018/19: 20(6) - 0
    2017/18: 8(7) - 1
    2016/17: 22(7) - 0
    2015/16: 21(5) - 0
    2014/15: 19(3) - 0

    And call me naive but over the last couple of years i've noticed that the majority of the time (unless they are playing for a super possession based club like Real Madrid or Bayern) the midfielders with the best chance of winning PB actually need to score a goal to be in with a shout?????

    All i'm saying is that there are players 'more' likely to score goals at Valencia than Coquelin... there are players more likely to attract media attention... and there are players more likely to grow more with capital appreciation!!!!!!

    If you have any facts stating otherwise i'm happy to listen!!!!!!

  • @dannypea Of course there players in the Valencia more likely to score goals than him etc etc but they are a lot more expensive than him.

    Like I have said before, given all the positives I have explained in previous threads there isn't a player on the index that imo comes close to him for value. Any suggestions are welcome.

  • @Pagey74 apologies i've not read the other threads which you've commented on him with??? all i've seen is you put he's 28 with a PB ave of 57 (who once got 202) and in 30 games last year he scored once...

    I just feel this 'type' of player is not suited that much to Football Index hence why similar none scoring midfielders are also priced low?

    I could be wrong, he could easily boom up double his price over the course of the next year but in my opinion to do that his form would need to dramatically improve (by him turning into a 3-5 goal a season midfielder) or he would need to get an exciting move away from the Mestalla? I just wouldn't predict neither of those things to happen so you're relying on the growth of the index for his price to grow more, which if that is the case you can put in to plenty of others similarly priced?

  • I think Jack Stephens could be a good buy for a similar price. The only CBs Southampton have are Yoshida, Vestergaard, Bednerak and Stephens. He started 19 games last season, is English, 24 and likes to pass the ball. I am not saying I can see him reaching £1 but he is only 24p. Compare that price to someone like Jack O'Connell of Sheffield United who has never kicked a ball in the prem, is English and is 25 I feel it shows great value. O'Connell is worth 47p atm and I cannot find a reason as to why Stephens couldn't at least match this price.

  • @dannypea No need to apologise pal,this what makes the index so great. Different opinions.

    My point I was trying to make is that a player who is going to start most games in a PB league with the added bonus of champions league football costs 20p. I can't find anyone near that price who meets that criteria.

    I watched him plenty of times last season and he certainly plays more advanced than he did at Arsenal. I agree he needs to add more goals and assists to have a chance of winning dividends but it's possible especially the way Valencia play.

  • @Squire1905 I agree with you on your reasoning.

  • @Pagey74 said in Francis Coquelin:

    Francis Coquelin (Valencia)

    Ex Arsenal man who at 22p is the cheapest player on the index playing in a PB league and also Champions league.

    Diego Demme - RB Leipzig - 27 years old - 20p
    CDM for the best defence in the Bundesliga. 24 start and 2 sub last season, 2 assists and average ranking of 6.92 on whoscored. PB average is a respectable 77, top score a rather lowly 149, seen PB wins with less though! PB league and CL this season.

    CDM's never do well on here, matrix scoring might change in his favour though. Could get 100% ROI with a couple of decent games.

    Wouldn't normally pump a CDM but he is cheaper than Coquelin!

  • @Squire1905 maybe in paper but he is way out of his league in the prem, will not be a first 11 choice and quite likely to be loaned out to a championship club. From a Saints fan.

  • @Martyn-B Diego Demme is cheaper than Coquelin however there are 2 significant differences.

    1.Diego Demme is very unlikely to be at RB Leipzig next season (very strong links to Fiorentina) so therefore no European football let alone champions league. If he stays there are reports suggesting he will struggle to find game time.

    1. Diego Demme is a CDM. Coquelin playing for Valencia is more of a box to box midfielder.

    I hold Demme too so I'm not biased, but I hope you can see the difference on why I think Coquelin is the much better choice.

  • @Pagey74 Your research is obviously better than mine! Didn't know about the transfer speculation, thanks for that! Keep up the good work, hunting through the lower end of the market.

  • @Node Shit! Pays to know the players not just on paper aye! I will sit tight on him though.

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