Can Wolves be do a 'Leicester' this season ??

  • Hey Guys

    saw the highlights from the Wolves vs Newcastle match and Wolves looked like a very dominant side involving smooth passing and clinical finishing but what are there chances of doing a 'Leicester' !!

    I know it's a big ask with Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham dominating the league over the last few seasons but they have a very young and skillful squad that have the potential to create big things for the club....

    I have invested in Jota and Jimenez and will probably hold until Dec to see how things progress but let's hear you views on their upcoming season....where do you think they will finish? who have you invested in?



  • Personally I think wolves will finish with less points and lower down the league than last season, they’ve got the smallest squad in the top half of the table and they’re going to have to play Thursday and Sunday till Christmas so can really see them being stretched, just look at what happened to Burnley last season (I know wolves are better but the Europa always effects small squads)

  • Most sides, especially ones with small squads like wolves tend to go backwards if they have a europa campaign. i see them finishing in 9th or 10th behind leicester, everton and possibly west ham.

  • I agree with @ChazFI123. They'll be fine, not gonna go down or anything, but they are quite over-rated and their squad is so small that any injuries to almost any player will see them struggle, and this will only be compounded by the Europa League.

  • Im really hoping they do well. I dont think they will repeat what Leicester did but i really hope to see them finish in the top 6. Id imagine they will sign a few more players before the start of the season. I hold Jota, Jimenez, Dendoncker, Neves and Gibbs-White because I believe theres an awful lot of potential in this team

  • In short No- but will do well. We had the youngest squad in PL last season and least PL experince of all the teams- a year older and year more experience, plus gonna be some additions in next week or so. Potentially 1 or 2 big ones if you believe some rumours.

    Neves will be better, Jota really found his feet and will be top draw again from the start, hopefully MGW can be consistent too. Exciting times.

    As the Wolves Board have said 'We're not there to make the numbers up'

  • @AndyP32 don’t underestimate how much of a sh*t show Newcastle are at the minute and it’s a friendly.

  • It really depends who we bring in over the next fortnight. The squad is small but full of quality and players that fit a system.
    It's worth rememberring that since taking control Fosun have always sanctioned big summer signings:

    Year 1 - Cavaleiro (£7m broke our transfer record) - also brought Costa in.
    Year 2 - Neves - £15.8m - while in the Championship, along with Boly & Jota (loans initially)
    Year 3 - Patricio, Moutinho, Jonny, Raul - £70m +
    Year 4 - No one so far, although the message is quality over quantity, i wouldn't be surprised to see 2-3 quality additions coming in and maybe a shock next level signing. As above Fosun aren't here to make up the numbers and have big plans.

    We won't do a Leicester no, but the top 6 is a realistic aim.

  • As has been said earlier, I always worry about teams with small squads and Europa League being able to follow up on the previous season. There is a competitive pack chasing the top 6 - Wolves, Leicester, West Ham, Everton and possibly even Southampton.
    Everyone expects Leicester to threaten the top 6, West Ham have made 2 excellent signings in Haller and Fornals, Everton need a striker and I think Southampton will surprise.
    There is no doubt Wolves have the quality but right now, for me, they don't have the depth to handle Thursday/Sunday football. If they bring in the 3 or 4 quality signings, or don't make it through Europa qualifying, then I can definitely see them threatening the top 6. If they don't add depth and qualify for Europa League then I can't see them their small squad coping with the demands of Europa League whilst still threatening the top 6.

  • Don’t read too much into preseason. Results are often meaningless and Newcastle will be battling relegation anyway, so hardly a good measure of how good Wolves are.

    With the Europa League as a distraction, Wolves will do well to finish 8th-10th in the league.

  • Can they win the league? Yes.
    Will they win the league? No.

    The jury is out on Wolves for me. With added games in the Europa League, I’m staying away from them until I can decipher if European Football is or isn’t having an effect on their form in the Premier League.

  • Only wolves player I hold is jota and that’s because not only has he got European football but he’s likely to be in the Portugal squad for the euros so long term hold for me

  • I think for the chasing pack, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd are all catch-able at the moment.

  • Being a LCFC fan I'm going to say no chance !!!

    To be fair to Wolves that is more to do with how strong the opposition now is rather than Wolves not being good enough. When we won the league so many of the top teams were in turmoil is was unreal and I just can't see that happening again for a long while. As many others have mentioned apart from Man City and Liverpool the other "big teams" are facing some serious competition from numerous "smaller" teams and I think the top 6 is wide open

  • Second season syndrome - mid-table. Teams will have worked them out and a solid 10th is my prediction...

  • There is no chance any team will 'do a Leicester' next year. There is no way both Liverpool and City will drop down from their 100 point perch to the extent needed for anybody down that far to win the league.

  • @ChazFI123 totally agree!!! everybody 'now' knows that Wolves are a top side but I in particular think Leicester & West Ham could be competitive with them and Everton are always there or abouts... As said UEFA Cup football (or whatever its called these days) will take its toll so can see them doing better in that and not doing so well in the league so top six is no chance for me, but they'll be scrapping for 7th/8th/9th and I think Leicester are probably the best of the rest if that's the case?

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