Greenwood v Brewster

  • Jesus sorry to have my own opinion. I guess I should just ask you who to invest my money in as you're the expert.

    I'll stick to what I said 'He seems the better investment to me at the moment' not once did I claim him to be the better player. It's all ifs and buts and OPINIONS and I stand by mine thanks.

    But if your opinion is more valuable than mine I guess I need to follow you while investing my own money. So put it all in the Boy hero Greenwood got it.

    Oh and a down vote because someone prefers another player to the precious united wonder boy that United are so desperate to live up to the hype as they need him to drag them out of the shit, how am I going to cope with a total stranger not agreeing with me from afar. Grow up Andy nobody.

  • Potentially a good thread this.

    Personally in 'my opinion only'... I would say Brewster ahead of Greenwood.
    Won the U17 World Cup with England, golden boot winner at the tournament...big achievement.
    Also, he's been injured for basically a year and has come back with goals straight away.

    While Brewster has only been on the bench though for the last couple of Champions League games, Greenwood has actually kicked a ball towards the end of last season in the Premiership & CL...but I do strongly believe if Brewster hadn't of been out for so long injured, he would have made his Premiership debut towards the end of last season.

    They are both great prospects and this will be a breakthrough season for 'both of them' but for me Brewster is a better bet within the index as more chance of actually winning something.

    I already hold Brewster from ages ago, in fact from half way through this injury so a very healthy ROI currently but I do also wish I held Greenwood but personally I think it is to late to jump on him now personally.

    I support neither team and these are simply my opinions.

  • I don't hold either player (held Brewster last year and sold at a good profit but nothing like what he's worth now).
    So what I would want to know before investing in either one of them now is just how much of their current share price is built around potential.

    I mean, I'd want an egg-head to come up with a formula so I could work out if either one doesn't hit the ground running or doesn't get game time, just how much of that share price will steadily trickle away to leave a truer value on their current situation.

    For example - Pogba is £7.49 at present. A lot of people have "speculated" that, should he leave United, he'll be £6 max. That tells me there is currently £ 1.49 of his price built in to him on the basis he's staying. It's much simpler with Pogba (if everyone's price predictions are correct of course).
    *Disregard the fact Pogba is the king of MB which is heavily built into his price. Irrelevant for this query.

    What do Greenwood and Brewster have to realistically do when the season begins/progresses, to maintain their current prices?
    I'm talking quantative data... goals/assists/PB average/MB wins etc.
    What sort of numbers do we think each player needs to reach/achieve to make their £3-4 price attractive, and indeed INCREASE that value?

  • Greenwood's price went up 20p after a tap in and Brewster price went up 20p (ish) after scoring 2 goals against Tranmere.

    Both managers have said Greenwood and Brewster have a first team roles this season which suggests they're both good enough to cut it at the top. Obviously Liverpool are challenging for the league and champions league again whilst Greenwood could get a decent run in the Europa league.

    There seems to be more value in Brewster with a 52p difference and from watching the way Klopp coaches his young players ( TAA,Gomez,Robertson) this leads me to believe he'll bring the best out in Brewster. Klopp also turned Lewonsdowski into the worlds best striker after signing him from a Polish club so lets not forget about that. You can't go wrong with either in my opinion but i'd be holding for the long term on Greenwood or Brewster.

  • I'm finally succumbing to the pressures of publicity and thinking of investing in both... i've not done it yet because i'll be honest. i've not seen enough of them but what stands these out from the likes of Tahith Chong and Harry Wilson for example is that I 'can' actually see them playing a decent part for United & Liverpool respectively this season.. They do also have good pedigree and even more than this it seems... a lot of fans on this platform...?

    My only concern is at their current price... what next??? No doubt they'll continue to rise until they at least come off the bench or start a league game next season so that is good no? But what happens when the inevitable 'young player bursts onto the scene then things go quiet for a bit' as it has done with the likes of Zaniolo.. as it did with Vinicius Jnr.... as it did with Callum Hudson Odoi (all be it through injury) and as it has somewhat with Marcus Rashford??? Maybe they are not at peak levels yet so until they at least score a (competitive) goal and hit media headlines this will be the time they hit their pinnacle but I can't help feeling that I'll be paying a higher amount for these two then I could for say someone like Kimmich, Toni Kroos or Thiago Alcantra who will play near every PB game next season and have stats to back their prices up???

    Totally understand that uncapped potential for both could see them rise as high as anyone on the index (you only have to look at Sancho to see this) but... without having done it on the biggest stage of all yet it is hard to be assured that investing in these at their current price would guarantee a positive return??? and I think it would if i went with a PB/MB guarantee at a similar price???

  • I think In terms of FI Brewster will rise more at the start of the season as he's almost guaranteed a start or sub appearance if we don't Invest in a striker. In terms of actual ability though I think Greenwood is a far better prospect, Brewster looks a great finsher and has shown decent link up play in the friendlies but anyone who has watched Greenwood will tell you he is an unbelievable talent, has ambidextrous feet and good technical ability and also scored for fun at the youth levels.

  • Neither. Chances are they'll both end up in the lower leagues before too long 🤣

  • Just throwing it out there but does anyone else think Divock Origi or Dan James offer better value for players in similar positions all be it slightly older???

  • @dannypea was it you that just pushed greenwood to 3.90? Unbelievable scenes jeff

  • I’m firmly in the James camp, for me has the most value and seems very media friendly. He has looked very good in pre season.
    A player with his pace is going to light up old Trafford.

  • I bought my proven PB players early and they have stagnated and slightly dropped over the past 2 weeks, think money has been going into these 2 plus Pogba. I am certain I could have invested my money better in the short term with both of these players.

    My concern would be what happens on the 7th or 8th of August? Would these two players be sold, at a good CA, to free up funds for the proven PB players? I made my decision, probably not a great one, and am going to hold for the new season.

    Don't hold either, good luck to those that do!

  • @Vespasian32 said in Greenwood v Brewster:

    @dannypea was it you that just pushed greenwood to 3.90? Unbelievable scenes jeff

    Someone just dumped Rodrygo and brought greenwood (twitter).

  • I don’t get why people think Brewster is a guaranteed starter first week of the season, Klopp said yesterday that Bobby Firmino would have been training for 2 weeks before the Norwich game and Origi would be ahead of him to start anyway, personally in pure FI terms I think Greenwood is a better investment due to the ‘Man United’ factor, plus united will have the Europa League and League Cup so Greenwood could be starting once a week and that’s not even including the premier league, Liverpool’s front 3 is too settled for Brewster to start most weeks, he might get sub appearances and games in the cups, but due to uniteds lack of depth on right wing and striker Greenwood will get more opportunities

  • @Nally said in Greenwood v Brewster:

    When I spotted this thread I was hoping there wouldn't be a comment like this so I didn't have to reply, I'll counter your points below.

    For good reason as he's the better player, okay that's my opinion but he's definitely at the biggest MB club. Greenwoods IPO was 50p more than Brewsters so there's only 3p difference on what they've actually risen.

    I doubt you've watched both Greenwoods games on mutv to make that judgement, I've seen Brewster's tap ins (as was Greenwoods) but can't comment on his sharpness.

    Greenwood is not going on loan, Solksjaer just said he has a 'good possibility' of starting against Chelsea.

    Disagree for reason above and Brewster is behind Firmino and Origi in the striker pecking order, Greenwood has weak RW competition and can play LW/ST too.

    If I remember correctly Brewster got a MB score in the 300's when he placed like Greenwood did yesterday.

    Spot on mate

  • @Martyn-B I'm the same, not bought into any of the friendly players that seem to be shooting up anytime someone scores! Port pretty flat most of July.
    Missed out on some chances but happy with my port just waiting for the season to start.
    Will be interesting to see if the money comes out of these guys and into proven PB regulars if/when they don't get regular game time.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah don't mind you having an opinion, I meant because there was a thread on this very question I created last week and I didn't want to repeat myself, downvote wasn't from me.

  • In the brewdog v greengoat saga, I can only say that from what I’ve seen of Brewster- he’s a real talent. A complete footballer. Haven’t seen a whole lot of greenwood, but heard good things, so will be eagerly watching their progress this season.

  • I'm sure at least one of these will get an international call-up this season but I'm not sure which. Should give a nice boost to their price and possible MB. Remember that Southgate has already capped Solanke!

  • Brewster would’ve had more 1st team game time if he didn’t have that injury, hopefully Greenwood doesn’t pick one up.
    Hold both so happy for them to both succeed (more so Brewster as a Liverpool fan 😁)
    Hoping the press for the season battle it out with the pair, MB gold, both will get game time with the amount of games in a single season & both managers showing a lot of faith

  • I've just bought 100 shares in Greenwood. After his performance in the friendly win over Leeds and Rashford gushing that Greenwood's ability is "frightening", it has been suggested that he could make the lineup for Utd's first league game. If this is the case, he might not be just an over-hyped Utd youngster.

    Choo choo? 0_1563476370707_Steam Train.PNG

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