Greenwood v Brewster

  • @9stevo said in Greenwood v Brewster:

    @Chris-J he scored the ONLY goal in a 1-0 win, if Brewster had done that the reaction would have been similar

    United players having the media advantage over the others cannot be disputed and it is evident in the difference in values between these 2 similarly hyped and talented players.

    No chance Brewster would have scored 1000+ had he done the same.

  • @Chris-J no way off finding out unless he does do the same is there!! Sancho's price is up 12p on the back of last nights friendly and he didn't even score. Brewster's is up 10p and he scored the last goal in a 3-2 game so I don't see how you can say there wouldn't have been a similar reaction if one of them had scored the winner in a 1-0 as all the attention would have gone onto that player alone.

  • They are both the real deal and I think they will also both be a major part of the season for both teams and of course the price will continue to fly👌🏼👌🏼a lot of people keep missing the 🚣‍♂️ 😏when will they get it.?😂😂😂

  • @Chris-J not sure you’re right at all mate, Greenwood scored the only goal for Utd to win 1-0, Brewster scored in a 3-2 loss, never gonna get the same buzz, if it was the other way around Brewster would be booming. Don’t really care as I have both

  • Could be a race to be the best.
    Imagine both of them in an England team in a couple of years...

  • @Uncle-G said in Greenwood v Brewster:

    @Chris-J not sure you’re right at all mate, Greenwood scored the only goal for Utd to win 1-0, Brewster scored in a 3-2 loss, never gonna get the same buzz, if it was the other way around Brewster would be booming. Don’t really care as I have both

    My point is that United players will always have a MB advantage over similar Liverpool players (and any others)

    If you are disagreeing with that point then fair enough.... 😕

  • @Chris-J it’s difficult to disagree with that due to the fact Pogba plays united but everyone else I’m not so sure, young future England stars will always get the hype

  • Brewster would have placed somewhere in the top 5 scoring the winner but you can't deny United players get more points, United have over 50% more all time MB returns over second place Liverpool.

  • 0_1563643078397_Screenshot_20190720-181726_Chrome.jpg

    4 of the top 6 are utd players and another one inbound. U could take a similar screenshot a few times a week I've found recently

  • @MickTurbo Also check the biggest gainers of top 200 and youth surging.

  • @Uncle-G exactly the point I made to him!! Liverpool and Man Utd players have a massive media advantage over all other teams as they're such big clubs

  • loving this as a greenwood holder but 44p in 24 hours looks a bit much surely? could he be £5 before the season starts? united have a norwegian minnow in their final pre season game. If he bags a couple there and starts and bags vs chelsea whats his price then? I love the guy, i think there is potentially excellent player in there but that price is extremely high for such an unproven, if spectacular talent. Hes now 40p more expensive than rashford, hows that work?

    One thing is for sure, Brewster and Greenwood are like the tethered in jordan peels film US atm. Whenever one bags and rises you can be pretty sure within the next couple of hours the other will rise too regardless of whether they have played or not.

    Edit: he is still rising like crazy. Its like the IPO's all over again.

  • @dionysusthyrsus said in Greenwood v Brewster:

    Hes now 40p more expensive than rashford, hows that work?

    I posted on the Greenwood new rashford thread that rash is the best under 26 year old div returner and most of that will of been from the MB in his breakout months 2 years ago. That's now behind rash, it's still in front of greenwood

  • @MickTurbo Imagine if he hits a brace vs the Norwegian side? Then brewster bags one off the bench vs norwich. Its not beyond the realms of possibility he could have overtaken Sancho as the highest value english player by the time that chelsea game comes about on sunday.

    Hes made 1 first team start, its totally bonkers. Somebody asked on slack earlier if it would be a shock if greenwood was the first player to hit £10. I thought it was standard it would be pogba or neymar. If greenwood starts the season well though and things align after todays rise i dont think it would be a shock at all.

  • @dionysusthyrsus I've been thinking in the last hour or so, if he was to match rashfords early success we honestly could be looking at a new top dog. He ticks every box. Hopefully hes got just the right amount of attitude and he really could just keep rising and rising. It's possible were getting carried away of course but if he can score a goal and create a headline then who knows

  • I said not so long ago don’t worry Greenwood and Brewster will be both £9 this time next year. Let’s see

  • @MickTurbo As a united fan iv been excited about this kid since january. You watch him play once and you just know if he can stay injury free hes going to be a very very good player. He made skriniar look amateurish earlier.

    There is a gaping hole on the right of that united team and the manager clearly wants his wide players to be inverted so the full backs can go on the outside. he is the only one of our forwards who can use his left peg ( apart from chong who hes miles ahead of despite being nearly 3 years younger and mata who has no place in the front 3), if hes fit hes getting at least 25-30 starts this year. If he plays 25-30 games anything is possible, every time he plays he looks a real threat.

  • I hope you're right about the number of games, anywhere close to that would be superb for media and for holders

  • I have only 3 doubts over him.


    Lukaku staying.

    Reservations that ole uses him and martial in the same front 3. He seems to want us to press sides like liverpool did a couple of years back. I dont think that comes naturally to greenwood or martial like it does lingard, rashford, Sanchez and james.

  • My only worry with both these players is that we all assume an england call up is on the cards but who do they replace in the current squad.
    At the moment the weakest link there is rashford but i cant see that happening the media would slaughter southgate if it went wrong so that includes kane and sterling aswell. So then that leaves Sancho but lets face it he looks like he will be better than all of the above i cant see his chances being cut short. Im not a fan of Kane but he gets the job done so he will only move aside through injury.
    Overall Greenwood and Brewster are going to have to either pull of something really special or be very lucky for any international chances within the next three years

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