Greenwood v Brewster

  • I honestly hope neither are rushed into the England squad and definitely don't want either at Euro 2020. They are 2 great hopes for England, but as fans, and especially media, we have this great habit of putting unnecessary pressure and expectations on young English players. The expectations for England in the Euros will be huge and with the attacking options we have there is no need to expose either to that pressure.
    Look at the treatment Sterling got from fans and media at the World Cup - do we really want to expose Greenwood and Brewster to that at such a young age? It could set them back years.
    If both deliver on their potential then we have 2 great strikers for many years to come, so let them develop without that pressure of a major international tournament - the 2022 World Cup is where we should be looking with them.
    I know people will say what about Sancho as he's young too? In reality I could argue the same, but in reality the media pressure is a little less on Sancho given he's not so much in the public eye playing in Germany and that has allowed him to develop and progress without the constant daily focus that Greenwood and Brewster are going to get playing for 2 of the biggest clubs in England.

  • Brewster to get 60 mins tonight IMO. another goal or two and we will see him close the gap on Greenwood. Sancho coming out and raving about him as well as Milner.

  • There both brilliant investments, I just wish I got on Greenwood too, as an arsenal fan I don't prefer either player, but as a holder of Brewster that's over 100% up on him, i cant help but love the lad

  • On the YouTube channel "the football terrace", premiering at 5pm BST today is a video comparing Greengoat, Brewdawg and Eddie "the eagle" N-Kat. Could be worth a watch.

  • @Jimbob said in Greenwood v Brewster:

    On the YouTube channel "the football terrace", premiering at 5pm BST today is a video comparing Greengoat, Brewdawg and Eddie "the eagle" N-Kat. Could be worth a watch.

    Looks like the channel is now sponsored by the football index too.

  • @janner73 don’t agree with you there, Owen and Rooney did ok as teenagers breaking through. Trouble is in past years the press has fans hype up players to be potential world class so most are bound to fall short of expectations.

    If they have the ability they will show it on the pitch with pressure or without.

    If you want real opinions on past English players ask foreigners.

    However this generation that are coming through seem to be the real deal. Foden, cho, sancho, Brewster, Greenwood along with a few more could make our national team a real force, I’d say our national team are average now even they got to the semis in the World Cup by only beating 3 teams who were all shit, lost 3 games and drew one... that’s what I mean about overated.

  • @Mr-Random-number And that's what I would like to keep Brewster and Greenwood out of at the Euros - the press will hype them and be ready to bring them straight back down if they don't deliver. We have Sterling-Kane-Sancho and Rashford for the Euros. The target for Brewster and Greenwood for me is the World Cup and not the Euros.
    I also believe that this next generation could be the real deal but I also believe we are always all too quick to raise the expectation levels on them as we already are when talking about England when one hasn't played in a single minute in a PL game and the other has played one PL match. I would much rather they go to the Euro U21s in 2 years time and win it - and then take that winning mentality at international level into the next World Cup.

  • @janner73 if Brewster and Greenwood are both playing u21 football in two years time then I’d say both are not as good as being made out here. Especially Brewster due to him being two years older.

  • @Gazz127 said in Greenwood v Brewster:

    @MickTurbo Also check the biggest gainers of top 200 and youth surging.
    Brought any Vinagre yet Gaz?

  • Forget Greenwood and Brewster and get some Troy Parott :D

  • Everyone seems to have gone very quiet about how much better Brewster is than Origi and how he’d definitely start the first game ahead of him 👀

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