What do you think would happen to the index if we went into a recession?

  • Stock Markets have been pretty flat the last 2 years so why are you hearing rumours of a crash? A conflict with Iran would be bad news I suppose but USA markets are doing very well.

  • Nothing..

  • @Tom7471 if you're asking if a stock market crash would affect FI, I'd say no, not at all. Two unrelated markets and a very different trader base

  • It's just a lot of people I watch on YouTube are predicting a market crash. A big factor is that they happen every 10 years and the last one was around 2008. The stock market is out performing itself which is a big indicator and the us banks are continuously printing money which will always end in disaster.

  • @Old-Man love it. So much more reason to trade on here. Much safer and the numbers are much higher.

  • I think we must remember that FI is a sport-based gambling site. If there was a recession, are people going to lose interest in football? Nope.

    I personally think FI will just keep on growing and growing and will become a mainstream platform for many years to come.

    My only bugbear is the fact that in the beginning I committed myself to only investing £1500 and NO MORE. I won't break my vow 😡

  • I can see some sort of minor downturn in the stock market, I think the 'B' word will have an effect on investment in this country over the next 3-5 years too but by 2025 I would imagine we'll be onwards and upwards (did i just say that) as usual!!!

    If the word 'recession' is branded around I fear the knock on effect would be for those to save rather than spend so think it would have an effect on this platform but that won't be overnight... slower growth at the top end probably, it could become more difficult to earn off the higher end players but it could provide a positive boost to the middle/lower end player where the investment risk would seem lower?

    As in anything I wouldn't plough my life savings into one platform.... if you invest 10%... 20% in each... and spread the risk over various tools whether it be FI, property, stocks and shares, wine, funeral parlors, pet hotels.. whatever.. i'm sure you'll get reward no matter how the economic forecast looks for others!!!

  • Can’t see a recession having much of an effect on FI. Some won’t invest/invest as much, whereas others will likely invest more given the success of the Index thus far.

  • The gambling economy tends to flourish during economic downturns so i'd expect FI to follow that trend.

  • Depends weather you believe it or not let’s face it experts have been wrong so far so I take it with a pinch of salt

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