The Great IPO Announcement Portfolio Value Plummet

  • IPOs inbound tomorrow. Who to ditch? That Japanese kid looks handy on YouTube. While I'm on. My ports going a little southwards:(

  • I think a lot the less experianced traders are going to be learning a lesson 2moro... i remember the first time i played the IPO’s 😂😂, got in on darmian sat watching it for about 10 mins going up and up and thought “this is well easy”... checked about 2 hours later and he’d about halved in price haha

  • One of the first times I attempted an IPO was Bogle. Got what I thought was a decent price, then I was in the red on him for ages. Now I'm 50% up, so again it just shows patience is a virtue on FI.

  • Anyone inexperienced traders trying to flip without bots will absolutely get stung. If you're buying as a long term hold then the inevitable short term drops probably wont matter as long as you can handle being in the red for a little while.

  • It's a game of ups and downs this FI lark. What this announcement does show up the weaker purchases in your portfolio as folk clamber to jettison them out in a heartbeat. You really see who the market are more loyal too.

  • Why aren’t we assuming that they’ve sorted the bot situation and that’s why it’s been so long since the last ipo?
    And also if they’ve changed something in the ipo system I assume it’ll take a little while for the bots to be updated to the new process.

    Now having said all that, I know the square root of F - all about bots.
    So if someone actually knows how they work, an explanation would be helpful to all users. Thanks

  • @Gregolocky They've said its the same process as before so no reason to believe anything has changed as far as bots are concerned.
    In simple terms a bot is a program that will just scan the market for the relevant names and fire off max buys as soon as it finds them - so basically they pick up the names and buy before we you can even see them.

  • @Dalien-Smith much agree here, next 24 hours should give a good indication.

  • @janner73 Thanks, I didn’t see that they’ve said there was no change to the ipo process.
    Also thanks for the bot explanation, I think I’ll look at the ipo’s tomorrow and see if I can get a little bit of value.
    I’ve got a few ipo’s before and I got in at a decent price or two.
    Thanks again 👍🏻

  • @Gregolocky You're welcome. I'll probably avoid the obvious ones initially - there's a couple of potentially decent ones that may fly a little more under the radar. The fact that its 3 buy maxes to raise the price 1p now should help slow the bots down a little as well although probably not enough.

  • I see Elliot Embleton is on between 10-12 for only 30p. Had a peak of £1.20 odd last time I think so I'll be all over him. Easy money!

  • @Joev he was the last IPO and it went wrong. I think he ended up being at his pre-share split price rather than the correct price.

    I'd steer clear of him personally.

    In fact Im probably going to just be an observer tomorrow and see what happens

  • @LABoxers85 he is obviously joking mate

  • @EThomas9 Fair enough... you never know these days

  • Only one I'm interested in is Troy Parrott, purely because he won me the CL in football manager :P

  • I'm assuming if you're not interested in investing in IPO's, currently is a stupid time to sell?

  • Don't think I like this IPO malarkey. Portfolio lost half of a great week's gains in a morning. The great Pog down 5p or is he leaving again?

  • @LittleFish yeh infuriating that people are selling Pogba to get on ipo. Been saying this for a while that I'm glad we haven't had them so long, they just saturate the market spreading the money further.
    Forum: we want ipos
    Forum: I'm not gona buy any ipos cos of bots
    Market: sell sell sell
    Market: buy ipo for crazy price
    Market: moan about ipo process

  • @Vespasian32 I just bought some more Pog this morning at £7.50! Convinced myself he will stay and loving the daily divs.

  • @Vespasian32 think you’ve just summed up everything I’ve heard about IPO’s, we we don’t.... they’re overpriced but I’m gonna IS & buy some anyway...🙄

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