Just hit the 15K mark - now it's the waiting game - EDIT NOW 20K !

  • Just topped up so I'm 15K in, opened my account about 1 month ago, it's been a long month of learning !

    Carry between 300 - 600 shares on all my players

    Key focus is on Capital Appreciation, I have invested in players ranging from 30p up to a max of £2

    Keeping the Euros in mind and next summers transfers

    I shall give an update then, would be nice to be around the 20K mark

    Good luck to everyone !

    EDIT: Couldn't resist a few more finds, will post a breakdown of portfolio with brief reasons for investing

  • @FairlyNewUser Good strategy, should yield what you are looking for in terms of return on investment as long as you have the right players.

    A lot of investors on here throw a lot of emphasis on dividend returns, which is right but not the best way IMO to maximise profits.

    If you have chosen well then some of your port will start to receive dividends as the players develop over the season anyway.

    I have a similar sized port in terms of value and have achieved the return that you are looking for since starting properly in March, so I am now hoping to double that by the end of next season (May)

    Fingers crossed, its a great time to be on here

  • @Long-Haul-Col Thanks, yes I've avoided the big boys as it's too much money into 1 player to get decent returns off both dividends and appreciation e.g. 500 shares in Pogba or Neymar is going to set me back about £3750, whereas I can get 500 shares in 5 different players around the £1.50 mark who I believe will cross the £2 mark come next summer

    Nice, I am gutted I didn't take the plunge earlier

    Community is good too which helps, good luck !

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