Young english players playing in bundesliga

  • After the rise of Jadon Sancho last season, it seems as tho the German league is a good place for young players to develop.

    Could players like Keanen Bennetts and Adamola Lookman develop in the same way ?

  • Honestly wouldn't get worked up about Bennett’s, gladbach have players ahead of him.

    IF he starts playing then fair enough but he could easily be playing in the b team like last year.

  • @Jamestodd9 Bennetts is top class! And I have seen a lot of Lookman when he was at CAFC (I was a season ticket holder) and he is by far the best finisher I have seen at the Valley since the great Darren Bent! Haven't seen a huge amount of him since he left though.

  • Will be interesting to see if they get game time there and how there price changes. Both have had big rises the past few weeks

  • Don't understand Everton. Silva wouldn't loan him out last season but then ok to sell him ? I don't think the kid has been given a fair chance under Silva. I reckon Everton fans would like him to be playing instead of cashing in on him. He was electric when he first went to RB, I remember that debut wonder goal !

  • @FairlyNewUser don't see the logic there at all. Could come back to bite him

  • Xavier Amaechi of Arsenal looks set for the Bundesliga - has stalled on a contract and not been taken on tour, Bayern were linked earlier in the year.

  • Everton keeping lewin over lookman think the Everton manager needs his head testing what a joker👀

  • @Chris-J havnt seen much of him mate what's he like ??

  • @Jamestodd9 said in Young english players playing in bundesliga:

    @Chris-J havnt seen much of him mate what's he like ??

    I'd be lying if I said I was an expert on him but I've checked out the usual youtube videos, articles & Arsenal fans opinions (most seem frustrated that Arsenal seem to be letting him leave).

    As you'd expect from a young Arsenal forward - lots of pace (deemed to be one of the fastest at the club which always helps), trickery but end product probably needs a little work.

    Even if he stays at Arsenal he is very under-priced in comparison to other English youngsters at the club such as Smith-Rowe (who many rate similarly) & Saka.

    Definitely one to keep an eye on the situation of - it has gone quiet since the tour squad announcement but i'd expect further developments very soon.

  • @Chris-J good man I'll be keeping my eye on that one and seeing what develops. Like you said he's reasonably cheap compared to other Arsenal youngsters and a move to the bundesliga with regular game time he could go up in price a good bit.

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