Do IPO prices rise or fall initially?

  • Is it worth buying any IPO players tomorrow? If someone quickly rises should i sell once they begin to drop and rebuy when they begin to naturally rise again? Surely if loads of people are buying then the prices will go up

  • @NewUser279942 you can’t IS a player for at least 24hrs after an ipo sometimes longer. So you’ll have to get on a player fairly close to ipo price and then sell to market to make a quick buck tomorrow.

  • When you say quickly rises????

    They will have gone up significantly before you have time to react.

    And if your waiting for a drop before you sell. You’ve missed it. Be very careful

  • What's the general trend when IPOs were released in the past then?

  • @Ringers This

    the bots will jump on them and that will instantly push the prices up. 'oh look, xxx is IPD and on the rise' so more buy in.

    And last one out gets a bashing

    unless you see a longer time potential in the player I'd advise to stay away

  • What if you buy as soon as the player is out, or is it simply impossible to compete with the bots

  • You’ll never react in time.....

  • Crazy this is then, how much time do you give before considering to buy? I was looking at Thiago Almada, Mohammed Ihattaren and Takefusa Kubo

  • @NewUser279942 Before you can even blink they're ipo price would probably have doubled.

  • @NewUser279942 said in Do IPO prices rise or fall initially?:

    What's the general trend when IPOs were released in the past then?

    Ok, the general trend......

    Say player x is due at 50p. You will sit adding his name to the search bar waiting for him to appear, you’ll probably get bored of this and give up, however if you don’t and he does appear, despite the fact you must have found him in the first few seconds he will be 80p. And the by the time you have pressed ‘buy’ and maybe changed the number your buying he’s a quid. The sell queue at this point will be full, hoping to sell to people like you....
    then when you actually buy you’ve got on at 1.30.
    You’ll be chuffed of course, but in the seconds that you are patting yourself on the back and telling yourself what a player you are, he’ll be £1 again and the queue is full of those selling that you have no chance of getting rid of yours and you’ll have a big minus for ages until natural market rises take you to break even.

    That’s the general trend

  • @Ringers How much time would you give until you considered to buy one of the ipo players tomorrow then?

  • @Ringers New user's need to read your post as that is basically what will happen.

    Just be careful people!

  • Me???
    Hard to tell, there may be value, so it might be right buy
    If you think a player will be £5 in 12months there’s no harm in paying 1.50.

    If your buying, just hoping to spin a quick profit, it’s a tricky game.

    Id have bunged loads into Everton, if they had left him as a 1 name player!!

  • Generally buying for the season then sell a few weeks before if they are unlikely to have a transfer, theyre the sort of players im after. I think everton is already going to arsenal, reckon he will be any good there?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if the bots were an inside Job at FI. All sitting round their computer screens in the FI office counting down from 10 before release.

  • Firstly I’d say where is the proof of bots being used? Secondly for the past few weeks lots of members here have been frustratingly asking about when wil FI be releasing the new long awaited IPO’s, now from what I gather is most on here won’t be participating because they believe the bots will be buying first. Very strange why people wished for a thing yet believe the bots will ruin it all along??

  • Banned

    @Mr-Random-number gotta ask yourself tho where are those big spikes coming from before they hit the market whos doing it? because when they hit the market their graph should be a clean slate yet right at the start theres huge blue spikes like nodobys business someones chipping in before they are suppose to

  • @Mr-Random-number Nobody has absolute proof but its the logical explanation when I've yet to speak to anyone who has got an IPO at the IPO price, and by the time you normally even see them they're already up 30-40p. Human reaction cannot be that quick in my opinion so has to be bots.
    One of the big reasons people wanted IPOs is they were hoping for a change in system. Now it's back with the same system, and relatively high IPO prices people aren't quite as keen.
    Personally, whilst I understand the need for adding new players to keep the product up to date as existing users I don't get why we should be quite so keen as it 1) dilutes existing money in the market across more holds (evidenced by today's ISing) and 2) reduces chances of winning PB dividends as more players are eligible.

  • Where do the ipo players show up I take it they are in the squad list when they first come on

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