The new season

  • Anyone else can’t wait for the new season to start

    Bit bored of shitty news stories rising a player a few pence then dropping down again

    Look forward to watching the football and and seeing how’s teams do, checking if your players are scoring, how the pb points are racking up

  • @EMBO90 yes, match days are exciting and greatly missed. Only upside of MB is that it's extremely easy to win.

    Completely agree though. Much prefer trading based on performances than speculation.

    Not long to wait now!

  • I miss the Sunday/Monday sell off 😂

  • 100%
    I thought we were going to see a lot of transfers and its all rubbish so far,
    still hopeful but just bring on the season

  • Yeah when your player rises 10-15 p as they put a shift in is a lot more fun to earn money then being linked to Utd 😂😂

    Saying that injuries are not missed with the panic 💩

  • Can't wait now - the summer is really starting to drag! Still remember the crazy Maddison rise from the opening Friday night game last season - performance driving price rather than trying to catch the latest rumours is something I really can't wait for.

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