Romelu Lukaku

  • Lukaku is one of the few players to have taken heavy losses over the past year. I have been watching him closely for an opportunity to purchase him while he is low before the world cup... but I'm just not sure when is the best time?

    His graph seems to have stabilised over the last couple of weeks and he scored twice yesterday but I'm still not 100% sure about buying in yet.

    Has anyone been watching him? Any thoughts?

  • He is Man Utd forward and therefore will score goals and attract media attention although the has been very poor of late hence the drop.
    In theory if he goes on a good run he has chances to win media buzz and the odd performance although the majority of people dumped and invested in more reliable players

  • honestly don't think he merits the price of £4.05 at all. At the moment he's the same price as griezmann who's more likely to win PB and will have triple buzz points on offer soon as athletico should go far in europa league. Also should be a star at WC with decent chance of some MB dividends and he may get transfer, so seems a better option than lusaka

  • Not sure about Lukaku but Griezeman is an odd example. 4 quid for a non british player who rarely wins pb is pretty poor valur to say the least. With him, you are paying for the potential of a high profile transfer so he is very punty. A Man Utd striker is worth a huge amount more than an Atletico one. Even in the world cup, the media are more likely to pick up on british based players as liverpool and man utd fans will want to read about their players and lukaku as a goalscorer may be more headline grabbing anyway.

  • Griezmann is far too good to stay at athletico forever, can see him going to Barca in the summer and if he plays anywhere near as good as he did at euros for France then he’ll be a star at the World Cup

  • Think the initial problem with Lukaku is he's been long overpriced which still hasn't settled since his move to United... He's definitely upwards of 3.50 but I don't think he's 4.00 so on that basis I don't think it would be a good time to buy?

    I think he does get harsh criticism at United, we all know he's not the perfect finished article but he's a real handful who can bully weaker opponents and he does score goals - whether he'll earn enough PB for the goals he scores I don't know? Other strikers seem to have more game influence so touching the ball a handful of times and scoring one or two (i have this problem with Icardi who is the best in the world at it) probably won't be enough to earn you many dividends? Then there is Belgium and Batsman who is finding form playing every week for BvB. I'm not even sure if Lukaku will be the main man for Belgium in the WC which again could have a negative effect over his price within the next 6 months?

    I'm staying away for now but will certainly review in the summer!!!

  • Agent hinting that he is open to play in other countries & will discuss his future in the summer.

    I've seen him linked with Juventus previously &

    Seen as Dybala isn't getting game time at Juventus, I may be putting 2 + 2 together & getting 5 but could this be a viable swop? 🤔

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