The Portfolio dip

  • I read a post a few weeks back with someone asking if anyone is negative on their portfolios and I thought it was unlikely... I'm now heading that way.

    In for about 2k and about a tenner up, for any long termers does the transfer window tend to be much quieter than when the season starts? I assume this was the idea of the Summer Bonus to keep people involved.

    It was looking OK few weeks back, and I know a lot of my big players will bounce back soon so not particularly worried just hope there's a spike in August.

  • @JamieT
    i think there was lots of selling going on in the last 48 hours to fund the new IPO's

  • Yeah Makes sense after looking at my last 24 hours portfolio figures.

  • I'm around 1500 in and I was doing well but Iv taken a big dip in last few days mate

  • I would expect a rise going into the season then a lot of volatility in the first few weeks as people rush to dump PB holds who don’t immediately win in the first week (!) and jump onto others who do unexpectedly well. Then there’s IPD too. Bit of a calm before the storm now

  • They’ll always be highs and lows. Just got to ride them out lads. The season starts soon and as long as you’re in on the right players you’ll be in a good position

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