Troy parrott

  • I Bought him because a few spurs fans I know go on about him but just saw his stats on twitter.

    Worth a mention

    Last season in U18 premier league:

    Mason Greenwood - 13 Apps, 15 goals

    Troy Parrott - 9 Apps, 14 goals

  • @Tom77 Seen him play for the Irish u-15s a few years back, banged a free kick into the top corner that night.
    So he’s got set pieces in his locker too

  • Same day pumps on an ipo? I am going to bed until the season starts

  • This is one I wanted to keep quiet about until he was on the platform as I rate him very highly. I have seen him play live and he is a boy playing in a mans body with top top potential. He scores pretty much every time he steps onto the pitch. Injuries have stalled his progress but he is with the Spurs squad in Singapore and I would not be surprised if he gets game time this season.

  • He was the only IPO i went in for - ive been waiting for him to be added for ages.
    after reading all the warnings with IPO's i was sceptical - but put all my focus on him and got a half decent price (89p). i felt he was the least risky buy out of the list of new players as he has so much time too grow - and there are many comparable players already on the index with similar patterns.

    Long hold for me now.

  • Yup as a spurs fan, He is THE one from the youth set up that looks like he could make it big. And hoping we don’t buy a Llorente replacement and give him minutes instead. Irrelevant of FI, big hopes for him. He doesn’t get the press attention like the rest because he’s Irish, but talent aplenty. It’s just whether he turns out being an Edwards or a Harry!

  • Yeah he's the only player released today that i'm tempted to top up on. Obviously 1.39 is a lot but he's going to get some playing time in the pre-season friendlies and we've seen what that can do to the Man u/Arsenal youth.
    Pochettino is not scared to blood youngsters in during the season either. I'm definitely holding... might buy more

  • what did everyone get on Parrott @ - i thought 89p was good but have seen a 65p and a 71p since.

  • @Moukoko said in Troy parrott:

    Same day pumps on an ipo? I am going to bed until the season starts

    There’s no thread on him.

    Comparison with greenwood.

    Quite open I’m on him whats the problem?

  • @G27 I've waited months for him to be added and then all morning to jump on him (spurs fan so know all about him).

    By the time i clicked on him ended up at 1.21 which was disappointing. I think anything under £1 has great potential.

  • @Liam-S

    If he comes on and scores against Juventus or Man United, that price will start to look very cheap Haha.

  • @FootballScout101 I think longer term he is a good bet so its not too bad. I'm just greedy and wanted him cheaper :)

  • Can’t see him getting competitive game time until end of season. Next season 20/21 should be his breakout year imo.
    Looking forward to see his progress

  • @G27 said in Troy parrott:

    what did everyone get on Parrott @ - i thought 89p was good but have seen a 65p and a 71p since.

    I was very very lucky and got 61p!! Was well chuffed with that lol. But still waiting for FI to resolve my sale price

  • @Gregolocky IMO I think he’ll get cup games this year as long as we don’t sign Llorente back up or a replacement. And seeing as so many defensive things to sort I don’t think that’s the priority. Especially after poch comments yesterday re the squad!

  • Was under the impression he suffered a bad injury towards the end of last season and was out for a long time? Certainly got the talent there and is thought of highly

  • @Leo-G Nah mate, he's in Singapore fit as a fiddle. He'll probably get a half against Juve or United. Or both.

  • Got 600 of him at average cost of 94p. Quite happy with that. Holding long-term as seriously believe he's going to be a star.

  • Parrott is flying! I repeat, Parrott is flying! 🦜

  • @FootballScout101 yup he did have an injury at the end part of last year, but yup raring to go now!

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