Troy parrott

  • Yeah he's the only player released today that i'm tempted to top up on. Obviously 1.39 is a lot but he's going to get some playing time in the pre-season friendlies and we've seen what that can do to the Man u/Arsenal youth.
    Pochettino is not scared to blood youngsters in during the season either. I'm definitely holding... might buy more

  • what did everyone get on Parrott @ - i thought 89p was good but have seen a 65p and a 71p since.

  • @Moukoko said in Troy parrott:

    Same day pumps on an ipo? I am going to bed until the season starts

    There’s no thread on him.

    Comparison with greenwood.

    Quite open I’m on him whats the problem?

  • @G27 I've waited months for him to be added and then all morning to jump on him (spurs fan so know all about him).

    By the time i clicked on him ended up at 1.21 which was disappointing. I think anything under £1 has great potential.

  • @Liam-S

    If he comes on and scores against Juventus or Man United, that price will start to look very cheap Haha.

  • @FootballScout101 I think longer term he is a good bet so its not too bad. I'm just greedy and wanted him cheaper :)

  • Can’t see him getting competitive game time until end of season. Next season 20/21 should be his breakout year imo.
    Looking forward to see his progress

  • @G27 said in Troy parrott:

    what did everyone get on Parrott @ - i thought 89p was good but have seen a 65p and a 71p since.

    I was very very lucky and got 61p!! Was well chuffed with that lol. But still waiting for FI to resolve my sale price

  • @Gregolocky IMO I think he’ll get cup games this year as long as we don’t sign Llorente back up or a replacement. And seeing as so many defensive things to sort I don’t think that’s the priority. Especially after poch comments yesterday re the squad!

  • Was under the impression he suffered a bad injury towards the end of last season and was out for a long time? Certainly got the talent there and is thought of highly

  • @Leo-G Nah mate, he's in Singapore fit as a fiddle. He'll probably get a half against Juve or United. Or both.

  • Got 600 of him at average cost of 94p. Quite happy with that. Holding long-term as seriously believe he's going to be a star.

  • Parrott is flying! I repeat, Parrott is flying! 🦜

  • @FootballScout101 yup he did have an injury at the end part of last year, but yup raring to go now!

  • As a Spurs fan he will not get a chance this season. His price will plummet soon.

  • Spurs squad taken from a forum.

    Not many actual strikers

    GK - Lloris, Gazzaniga, Whiteman, De Bie
    FB - KWP (R/L), Foyth (R), Georgiou (L)
    CB - Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Tanganga, Lyons-Foster
    CM - Ndombele, Sissoko, Winks, Skipp, Marsh, Bowden, White
    AM - Eriksen, Dele, Son, Moura, Lamela, Roles
    ST - Kane, Parrott

  • @Tom77 Son and Moura will be preferred as ST in absence of Kane instead of in experienced Parrott.

    They both played a lot at ST last season.

    Sorry, but can't see Parrott getting any game time at all

  • @Tom77 no Sanchez? Or is this just for a pre season game?

  • @MickTurbo said in Troy parrott:

    @Tom77 no Sanchez? Or is this just for a pre season game?

    This is pre-season squad, must been in copa.

  • Ah I see, jumped to a conclusion there 👍

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