Troy parrott

  • We need a Donald Trump here, expert in trade and business and straight talker 👍

  • @LittleFish yeh hes sliding mate, I think he touched £7.49 a couple of days ago and hes down 13p since but I'm still 40pps in the green and I've had divs from him every day barring 1.

    Not the slightest bit worried mate, people have sold him to get on Greenwood/brewster/parrott. Come the end of the month he'll increase, come the 8th he'll increase again and come september he'll surely be £8+. And all the while he will return dividends

  • @Burial said in Troy parrott:


    He's rocketed about 40p today. There's your value.

    I think what he’s saying is it’s not this morning anymore and he doesn’t see value at the current price.
    He’s right. There’s no underlying value in his price, people are just chasing all these prices and I know this won’t be popular but we all know what the name for this is when it becomes buying with not a lot of underlying value.

  • The good news for investers is he does look like a real player. Nearly scored from a move he started and provided an open goal for Lamela.

    Really impressed with his work rate. I imagine Poch likes that too. Certainly doesn't look out of place, I can't believe he's 17!

  • Goal, Parrotts saved shot is tapped in

  • He is the real deal

  • 🇮🇪💚🦜🍀

  • What a wanker buffon is 😂😂😂

  • @LittleFish said in Troy parrott:
    I think FI has become more a game of betting on human nature rather than football at the moment. I'm watching my futures in the best players in the world slide towards the red while shed loads of cash is being made on unproven boys.

    I echo your frustration!! I thought FI was all about doing research, buying early, being patient and holding through the rough spells. This mantra seems to have gone out of the window in the past fortnight. I put the majority of my money into the the proven PB winners, think I have last seasons top 7 forwards, midfielders and defenders, and a few others. My portfolio is taking a daily battering of about 0.5% or £100. Today's loss is only £80 due to the rise in Bale.

    It's been a tough month. The expected drop after the bonus, the expected drop as people raised funds for the IPO's (which I didn't get involved in), then I hoped that the traders who profited would then buy back into my PB players but FI are holding onto profits and meanwhile my port is again taking a battering as everyone seems to be selling proven PB players and jumping into the youth players.

    I am holding but think I will try and stay away from FI a bit more until the start of the season.

  • @Martyn-B But those proven PB players they are selling to lower your port now, will be bought up again at a bargain price in the next 3 weeks.

    short term it looks painful but longer term it wont be

  • @Martyn-B I think there's an inevitable crash in some players(as some may even get loan moves into non pb leagues), although 1 or 2 may actually end up being stars. If I had any futures in them, with my profit now I would be switching half my shares to pb and mb stars and getting back into them after the drop

  • Has anyone sold to market?? Has it opened up for him yet?

  • @MickTurbo He hit £7.50 I know because I topped up then! Yeah divs have been great. Just a bit of nerves until the transfer window closes or Pogba gets a ManU forever tattoo.

  • @Martyn-B your PB players should come good once the season starts, but with no PB games at present people arent likely to make profit on them at the minute so they are adopting short term strategies to make a quick buck in a way that has proved very very fruitful recently.

    Add to that uncertainty about PB matrix and I can see why the top PB players arent high on peoples agendas at the minute.

    This wont last forever and money will go back into pb players when the footy starts. The only divs at the minute are MB and Greenwood won yesterday because he scored a goal. Rashford wouldn't have won MB with a pre season goal, salah wouldn't either, but brewster has. If parrott scores he'll be in with a shout, kane probably wouldn't be.

    On season and off season are different games, and current trends just show that dividends are driving the market

  • Well Parrot’s not chirping today and no goal. Will be a complete team switch around at half-time. Hope people aren’t going to get burnt already buying in on at a peak? I’m sure there’s many on here expecting instant results.

  • player prices increasing across the board in general yet divs dont increase, at some point chasing pb will have less appeal

  • Thanks @Munchie63, @Moukoko and @MickTurbo .

    I am holding, sure it will turn around, just frustrated that I am missing out. Not going to sell my proven players and can't afford to deposit more so just a waiting game for me. It will turn around once the season starts, this month might be my first month at a loss but still making healthy profits overall.

  • I watched the first half and have to say Parrott looked good. I'm not just saying that either as I hold him.

    Looked physically ready and competed really well, and was only a legendary Italian keeper away from exploding in price (again). Seems a pretty safe hold, just need to wait for him to score (whenever that is) and it'll be party time for his price.

  • @shilly Divs have to increase at some point and I'm sure they will - and it will be funded by the all commission being generated by all the short-term trading which is why I embrace it as it will ultimately benefit dividends.

  • Parrott actually played really well and played a key role in the goal. I cant believe this kid just turned 17, he's a unit already and still growing!

    This guy is a keeper.

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