Thoughts on current portfolio

  • Afternoon all,

    Wondered if I could simply get your opinions please on the current portfolio.
    Total amount put in is £600, been on here simply Feb 2019, currently up on ROI by 32%.
    I have sold a few little gems already over the course of time (Joao Felix and Sancho) and re-invested in others.

    Wanted to simply get some views on anyone you think I should sell to get on someone else or keep tight as it is or to buy more of.

    Thanks in advance for those who chip in with any thoughts.



  • Looks really good mate, well done!

  • @gball1975 Id say every player there is a good hold and will make money this season.
    For that total capital I think you've got the selection and diversification pretty much spot on.

    If I was going to suggest a change, for the sake of it, id be tempted to cash in on Gravenberch - for £20 you could then get 25ish shares in an IPD striker for under £1. Just gives you a different market to hit and coming to the start of season - short term a better ROI than on Graven. Examples ive given (may as well be consistent!) are Richter and Kownacki … tick the young box, both played well at U21 tourney. Both will be starting for PB teams and score at a good rate for there level. Should have consistent growth, but also the odd match day spike if you wanted to sell.

    But those are just examples … @westy did a thread on cheap IPD strikers a while ago and a good list to choose from.

  • @Vespasian32 … yeah that makes sense to be fair, just thinking if he may break into the Ajax team for a few games from the bench he could rocket, the boy is meant to be the next best thing out of their academy.

    But, was thinking about Cutrone @ ACM, decent scoring record for Milan and ItalyU21 and possibly a PL move this summer. ?

  • @gball1975 I think Graven is a perfectly good long term hold tbf. But so is your whole port... so I guess its your appetite to have maybe one or two slots for shorter term strat i.e. buy Cutrone -> if he gets move and jumps to £1.10 sell... buy Alcacer - wait till he scores a brace and spikes... sell -> buy Vardy on a monday, sell on Saturday morning -> buy Richter -> sell when he scores a brace and spikes

    so on so forth... none of them individually would beat Graven on a years graph, but they will beat him on a 24hr/1 week so you can have a little pot of money for higher risk trading and keep trying to time spikes on ipd/pb players. It can be very rewarding and isn't that hard. I find the players I mentioned form a flexible strategy - I wont lose money on kownacki … if he scores and rises 10-20p I can then decide to take short term profit, or keep holding hoping for a run of form and a steeper increase etc.

    Graven more likely to make consistent weekly/monthly rises of a few pence but wont have many 10-20p spikes over a day/week.

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