Football Index for the rich to get richer?

  • @Timothee-Atouba Exactly mate, I’ve got a fairly big port and all I managed to get today was 300 Everton Soares at £1.50 something.
    Having a big port didn’t do me any favors today

  • Yeh, you're way off there mate - If you've got more to stake, you've got more to win - Thats the same as any other bet.

    I've got cock all money wise, but im doing alright through small profits re-invested and getting a better sense of how this place actually works. Dont be fooled by users on twitter posting thouands of pounds profit as indicative of what you can make if you aren't willing to risk it like they have done. Just be patient - If you want a quick return i reckon you should put it all on black down the casino mate.

  • @Leighton You're missing the point mate.

  • @Pagey74 said in Football Index for the rich to get richer?:

    Been a trader for just over a month and I'm starting to think this platform is for the rich to get richer.

    Let me explain, Fortunate people who have money to burn have simply invested a ton of money on Paul Pogba, Neymar etc and have won substantial amounts of money just through media dividends (no skill involved) and there price in the long run will continue to rise so they are onto a win win.

    Today with the debacle of the IPO's the rich have won again by investing heavily early on and making prices ridiculously high before selling on for a nice quick hefty profit.

    I'm not knocking these people as they are putting their money where there mouth is, so to speak.

    My issue is there seems to be no skill involved in this platform and whoever has the most money to spend wins the most. I enjoy spending time researching players but there seems to be no point at all in this method.

    Like I said I'm only over a month into this so I hope I'm wrong as I love the concept.

    What's stopping you buying Pogba, Neymar etc? Whether you've got 1 or 1000 you still make the same percentage profit. If the answer is that it won;t get you rich quick then surely there's more money to be had at the lower end and trading more often for capital appreciation?

    IPO's have been a shambles as long as I've been on here but unless hey have bots there's nothing stopping you buying at exactly the same time and price and then selling again for a profit, although I accept there is an issue with changing prices and buy max that may cost you a second if you don;t have the funds in there to buy 300 at a time but I don't think you'd lose that much.

  • If you make 20% you make 20%

    £1 turns in to £1.20
    £100000 turns into £120000

    That’s how it works, both the same....

    What you have to remember is if it goes tits up, one has lost a £1 the other £100k.

    Fortune favours the brave, not necessarily the rich

  • I think most things you could argue help the rich get richer as a larger initial investment generally yields a higher return. Interest rates with banks work the same. I'll let you know my experience though....

    I keep a tracker of what I've put in and who I've bought and sold etc. I started off with just £100 invested in November 2018 because that was all I could afford on the Xmas run up. I made some poor initial investments that took a long time to turn a profit but eventually they did.

    My strategy is to try and get a minimum of 20% profit on each player I buy into and I've never had to sell a player at a loss so far.

    Fast forward and I've invested around £1800 total (without checking my spreadsheet) and my portfolio value is now significantly higher than that figure.

    It's probably only in the last 6 months where I've really got the hang of it and started turning decent profits. The first few months especially were pretty slow for me.

    I'd say stick with it, it does take time, if you imagine it like a stocks and shares thing then immediate huge profits are very rare, it's generally about the long game. I think as a platform you need to give it 6 months to really see what it's doing for you.

  • the rich get richer can be true of any investment, bet, market

    the phrase is only meaningful when accompanied by 'and the poor get poorer' … and that certainly isn't true of FI

    as others say - you can buy who you like and make the same %. It's not a scheme where you get greater benefits by buying memberships etc

  • Most of the people who have thousands of Pogbas bought him when he was really cheap and in that time they've had to go through massive ups and downs which probably isn't a nice feeling whet they've got thousands at stake.

    It takes balls for them to hold through rape allegations and transfer speculation which could potentially halve their price.

    What you need to do is try and find the next Pogba so in 1 to 2 years time you can sit there with loads of them and reap in the benefits

  • About 18 months ago the website disappeared for about 30 minutes that was a squeaky bum time scenario and people stuck through moments like these.
    When PB was announced everybody just thought all shares would be be penny stocks and the market would crash. People left, withdrew money or stayed and invested more, the guys with big balls just put more money in on dips and fair play to them.

  • @Pagey74
    Don't look at it with pound signs £££££ as the best way in my eyes is to think in percentages %%%% because someone might invest £10,000 and return profit of £1000, then theirs me maybe you and a lot of people investing £100 & returning £10 yes we all would prefer to return the 1000 but we both only won 10% each so £10 to reinvest and work towards the £1000 with %%%%% not £££££££ ?????

  • @Journey that was gonna be my point. Even in the 5 n a half months ive been on here I've seen times when its took a lit of bottle to have big money in pogba. I've only been on him about 9 days and I even reckon that took a little bit of bottle with all the uncertainty.

    Like everyone else has said, it's all about ROI. Im not minted, I've put about £3.5k in since Feb and made about £1600 profit. That's worth while to me but it's all relative. Somebody like that EJ probably has that down the back of the settee so for it to be worthwhile to him he probably needs to make at least 10 times that just to keep him interested, it's what u make of it, like everything else in life

  • New players emerge all the time, value emerges all the time. Whoever researches well and invests in them makes the same percentage , whether it’s £10 or 10k

  • They'll still make pennies per share on Pogba, same as you can make buying the right MB players.

    There are some bargains to be had lower down the player list.

    I can quote players that I've bought for under 40p that are above 60p.....ok not £7 each...but a 50% profit is the same whether its Pogba or a full-back in Spain.

    stick to your limits investment wise, research, find a bargain and before Xmas you'll be thinking 'who needs Pogba'

  • its also wrong to equate 'research' with skill. The only skill you need is to be able to read the market... you can find the most undervalued player by a load of metrics, but it matters not a jot if the rest of the market isn't interested.

  • I've been TRADING on FI since early june. I have traded a couple of player's to profit from the market whilst building my port and showing monthly net growth of 16.16% !!!!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO 19/20 SEASON ??????? The Anticipation, The Excitement But Most Of ALL Lets Trade, Hold & EARN Some DIVIDENDS!!!!!

  • The more you put in the more you get out, Rich people definitely have the funds to make serious money but you’ve still got to pick the right players and do your research, I agree with some of your post but there’s still skill and knowledge involved

  • @Gregolocky I’ve got a 17k port(ok, not big) and my app wouldn’t stop loading, freezing and kicking me out!

  • @Pagey74
    How much have you deposited? There is decent opportunities for everyone on here!

  • My Port is only £500 but if I can turn that into £1000 to £1500 by the end of season then i'll be happy??? hopefully this time next year we are all millionaires finger's crossed while I dream

  • @Timothee-Atouba I know the feeling mate, had laptop out on WiFi and iPhone on 4g and still was miles behind some traders and bots

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