Lukaku's weight?

  • A lot been said about the fitness team and program at united coming from Lukaku's weight.
    Lukaku is 26 now and one heavy individual but perhaps when he was a kid he was muscly and large and probably the reason he was better than all the other kids his age. Now hes a man hes filled out to his natural colossal frame. and thats cool, but his career may be over.

    Conte is really clever however and he doesn't seem t think this is a problem but for 50 fitness staff to be questioned seems a bit absurd..

  • His career might be over?? Hes 26! His goal scoring record is up there with the best of them. I'm a utd fan and not necessarily his biggest fan but in the right team getting crosses into the box he will still remain one of the better goal scorers in world football.
    Check out his record in the premier league. Even for Everton and west Brom. Let alone his Belgium record. He came back over weight for last pre season and never shifted it/didnt play to half his ability under Mourinho's defensive 1 up top formation.

  • @Dan-w
    i hope he stays at united mate

  • To suggest his career may be over is one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever heard...only Harry Kane and aguero have scored more league goals up front since his debut for United and he’s averaged over a goal a game for Belgium in that time, yes Lukaku isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but there’s no denying that as a goal scorer he’s one of the best currently, he does need the goal created for him but he will end up with over 350 career goals easily so to say his career could be over is madness 😂

  • @kaka8 we've butter heads here and there and no doubt will in the future but I have to say I think you have the nail on the head. His career being over is strong wording, but his career at the top level should be. I think - and if anybody quotes me on this bear in mind I'm about 60-40 on this - I'd rather have Sturridge.

  • @Lukeroro this surely has to be some sort of joke? You’d rather have someone who’s about to turn 30, can’t play for longer than a month without getting injured and has less than half career goals even though he’s almost 4 years older?! 😂😂😂

  • It’s not his weight I’d question, it’s his footballing ability. He’s very limited to what he can do. He’s scores goals yes but his general link up play, holding the ball up, timing of the ball. At the age of 26 you’d thought he’d have learned all this by now. I’m obviously a united fan and 90% of the time I think he’s a donkey and then there’s games where he looks unplayable. He’s very frustrating as a supporter to watch

  • What I find fascinating about Lukaku is how bad he is at heading the ball - would’ve thought given his size it would be his biggest strength but his headers are comical most of the time.

    Seems to try too hard to be ‘more than just a target man’ but he would actually be a much better striker if he played and trained to his strengths rather than trying to do too much with his feet when he lacks the natural ability.

  • Mate you’ve hit the nail on the head with his reading of the ball in the air. He very rarely wins a ball in the air and when he does he’s mistimed it that badly he flicks it on towards the goalkeeper.

    The best game by a country mile I’ve ever seen him play was against Brazil at the last World Cup. He was unbelievable but I vaguely remembered he was deployed on the right hand side similar to when united played arsenal in the FA Cup. The way he got the ball and was flying by Marcelo as if he wasn’t there, he was relentlessly running down the by line. He has purple patches and then the donkey returns. United need a world class finisher not a part time finisher

  • @DavidMUFC1987 his biggest problem currently is he just doesn’t suit man united at all, United need a striker who can link up and score goals, whereas he can only score goals- especially under mourinho a lot of the time against the big teams he’d be expected to create his own chance and score it, he’s so unorthodox and uneasy on the eye but if all you want him for is to score goals he’ll do it, at Inter Milan he’ll score goals for fun with Perisic feeding him

  • I heard that a year ago Mourinho made him do 100 push ups for every chance he missed in training, he has been a massive, muscle bound unit ever since!!

  • @ChazFI123
    Yeah definitely mate, rashford, marital, lingard, greenwood. These players are made for passing and moving at a fast tempo. With him in the side he slows the tempo because he doesn’t have a football brain. He doesn’t think fast enough. Solksjaer has already came out and said he’ll be replaced, it will be very interesting to see who comes in for him

  • @kaka8 your not a utd fan then!?🤣 if ole can get him fit and work with him then he will be a good back up imo. Not 1st choice and I think that is what he craves, needs to be the main man and at utd he isnt.

  • @DavidMUFC1987 replacing Lukaku is the only transfer I literally have no clue about who Ole is looking at, striker market seems very thin this summer. Part of me worries that they need to sell lukaku to fund Fernandes and Maguire, cause the Glazers won’t let the bank that is Manchester United spend too much money

  • @Dan-w

    1. He doesn’t want to stay at united
    2. 75 million for a back up player sitting on the bench.
      I don’t know what games you’ve been watching. You been watching you tube clips because you haven’t been watching united the last 3 seasons with him up top.

  • @ChazFI123
    I have no idea neither, I think they could spring a surprise with who they sign. Lots of names mentioned but no concrete talks like with Fernandez, longstaff and Maguire. Dybala linked with united today, apparently they’ve made an approach. I haven’t seen enough of him tbh.

  • @ChazFI123 I was 60-40!

    Although, one-on-one with a keeper, who would you want on your team?

  • @DavidMUFC1987 I watched most games to be honest.
    I'm well aware he doesnt want to stay. All I have said is that he is up there with the best goalscorers and this is backed up by his stats!
    Yes his touch is like a baby elephant, hes frustrating as hell! The style Mourinho played didnt do him any favours, isolating him up top on his own when clearly he cant hold the ball up for a big lad, like he should be able too.
    He could still do a job for utd imo with the style of play changing.
    Hes a proven 20 goal a season striker.

  • @Dan-w
    He’s a goalscorer there’s no questions there but ask yourself this. Would he get in City’s, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern or Juventus first team. If your answer is no then he’s not good enough for Manchester United, if your answer is yes then you need mental attention 😂

  • @Lukeroro
    I can’t name one, id have liked jovic but he’s gone Madrid. United are to slow in the transfer market, Ed hasn’t got a clue

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