• I have No futures in Grealish but I did before end of season , Panicked and sold 🙄.
    Surely he'll light premiership up..??
    Bad boy villa villa
    Great goals .
    Bad tackles
    ENGLISH Balotelli, Marmite love them then hate
    Mr Jekyll and Hyde

    Why isn't he up there price wise..does he not fit the Pb, mb buzz matrix

  • He is 51st highest priced player on the index at 2.05 with no PL experience.
    I think he could have a good season but is untried at this level so imo is fairly priced.

    Now if he has a good start to the season followed by possible England call up then rightly so his price will rise.

    An interesting season lies ahead for the lad no doubt about that.

    Let's just wait and see.

  • @Gazz127 I agree with where you're coming from but Grealish does actually have two years of PL experience. He broke into the Villa side in 2014 and they didn't get relegated until 2016. Still, he's too expensive for me at this point.

  • Good points 👊👍

  • I hold about 100 of him but waiting to free up some funds to get another 50 or so. At some point this season he will have a 3-4 game streak where he is very very good and his price will go up 50pish. Just one of those players that attracts attention. Same reason I want ravel Morrison, it only take a small spell of form so a low risk investment. Of course Grealish could tear up the league all season which would be even better, but for now I'm gonna be patient and wait for that run at form. I've got some riskier holds so happy for Grealish to sit there as my safety net

  • @Artful-Dodger I want to get a few Ravel's, if he bags a goal media will be all over him

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