Jadon Sancho price rise??

  • Has his rise really just shot up off the back of klopp saying hes a good player? Or am i missing something πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • No users really are that knee-jerky - they will all instant sell if he isn’t a Liverpool player this time next week

  • I think Sancho has every chance over the next 12-18 months of catching up with Neymar and Pogba at the top of the Index. Another good season makes a move next season to one of the top 5 sides in the world almost inevitable, in my opinion, as well as very probably establishing himself in the England squad and a chance to shine in the Euros. I have enough shares to be looking at all the positives. :-)

  • Yes probably due to the Klopp comment but I am sure the likes of Sancho, Stirling, Kane with their prices subdued during summer due to no transfer rumours etc are going to be gaining next couple of weeks as people probably rightly so add them to portfolios for coming season.

  • In the short term I really didnt see a rise coming but I agree a year from now he'll be amongst the hottest property on here so it's my intention to build a hold in him over the next 10 months or so, I currently hold 1 future. In a few days when the sell off starts I may thing about starting to put a few quid into him. Until now I've been very happily watching him slip to about 10p in the red for me

  • Oh yes im not doubting him at all and his style is perfect for PB, i have got a fair few of him myself, just seems odd off the back of an interview with klopp haha, might be a councidence though i suppose, i think we all knew he was going to rise at some point

  • I suspect people may see this as a sign that he may start to get more media attention this season as he hasnt in the past had as much MB as you’d expect from englands hottest prospect mainly due him playing in Germany. He isnt a PB player unless the scoring matrix changes so his price is built on MB potential so i wasnt expecting any rise as the start of the season approaches

  • Agree that he could be good over the next 12 months or so. There's an easy comparison with Mbappe but for me Sancho is the better bet. Both may well have plenty of transfer speculation in January and especially next summer, you d think it's more likely that Sancho comes back to England and Mbappe goes to Spain which gives Sancho the edge, especially being English.

    He's also surprisingly good for pb, I was able to watch him live last season away at Hertha Berlin (I'd really recommend watching a game in Germany, fantastic experience). Dortmund won 3-2, Sancho just had an assist with no goal and still scored 150 odd. Again if Mbappe moves then his pb will probably suffer playing against better teams.

  • A position change to forward (which where most people I imagine see him anyway) would help for his PB too.
    Lots to look forward to with the Euros and plenty of transfer talk to come!

  • @Neil2265 why would a position change to forward help him with PB? surely forwards generally score higher so being reclassified as a forward would make it harder for him to win divs??

  • @9stevo I thought the opposite, forwards generally score less than midfielders and there's also more players competing for midfield PB.
    Stand to be corrected though!

  • @Neil2265 possibly not sure mate, you're defo right re less competition, I assumed forwards would score more due to goals and assists but I guess midfielders get on the ball more so you're probably right now I think about it...

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