Manchester United lineup

  • In the past few friendlies United have pretty much utalised the entire squad but today no half time changes. So could this be the possible XI that starts the first game of the season, or, where do you see the changes?


  • @DW Not saying he won't, but I doubt D. James will start against Chelsea. Or to put it another way I"d be surprised if he did start against Chelsea. Same goes with Tuanzebe, with Maguire looking likely to come in. Everything else looks pretty solid though. Maybe addition of Bruno Fernandes if he comes to Utd as well to consider

  • @Andy yeah agreed, I could see Maguire starting in defence and Fernandes replacing lingard if both join.

  • Another goal for Greenwood 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • @Webbinho said in Manchester United lineup:

    Another goal for Greenwood 🚀🚀🚀🚀

    He is now 8p MORE expensive than Rashford.

  • FI must be absolutely laughing. James and Rashford being instant sold to accommodate Greenwood (especially James). Absolutely coining it in on a pre season friendly!

  • @Yellow Yeah I'm staying well away from Greenwood. Not even gonna consider buying any holds in him until I'm sure he's guaranteed game time of some sort throughout the season. What are people gonna do when they find out he's not starting the first few games of the season and his price tanks?
    Works better for me I guess, as I hold Rashford, who's looking likely to be Utd's no.9 this season

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