Young Enhlish talent

  • @Chris-J I topped up on Pog earlier last week at £7.50 when he became odds on to stay. I already have 12% portfolio holding of him but the amount of divs he's winning. I also bought the Brewdog when I first joined but only 30 futures which was my biggest spend at the time. Been wanting to top up but the prices are beyond logic. I've finally took the plunge and bought a decent holding in him a few days ago. My PB buys were all showing a nice increase but coming up to the season start have now dropped a bit. My first start to a season and this all seems a bit mad. (but fun except the losing money bit).

  • @Todds if lookman moves to Leipzig and starts playing like he did there on loan last year he'll be £2 I'm sure. He was getting some awesome PB scores. Obviously hes at a disadvantage that he wouldn't be playing for one of England's big clubs like the others being discussed but still think he'll rise a lot.

  • @LittleFish it's the lack of certainty on the PB scoring matrix that's putting ppl on edge with their PB holds. FI really need to clarify what's happening

  • @Stevo The only thing that worries me about Leipzig as I look at their squad now and really don't see how they fit everyone in - can see a lot of rotation unless they start selling a few players.

  • @MickTurbo I thought it was only minor changes. Last goal or winning goal surely can't make much difference to players prices?

  • Another one to watch for is Keenan Bennetts if this trend is going to continue into the new season

  • Might just be young talent without needing to be english. Martinelli has jumped in price now even though he’s already well above his IPO price.
    Or is there some news regarding him that ive missed?

  • @LittleFish people press the panic button over less than that on here mate

  • @Black-wolf

    I reckon people are thinking; well I missed on Parrott, Nketiah, and Kubo etc. I'll make sure I get in earlier on this lad.

  • @Burial yeah this was my suspicion too

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