Double shareholding after 100% profit?!?

  • Can anyone provide some clarity on this because I'm very confused...

    Back in March I bought 10 Brewdogs at £1.62, with his price now at around c.£3.40 my portfolio is saying I have 20 shares in Brewster and yesterday when he placed I received dividends for 20 shares not 10. I've never seen anything like this crop up on the forums so does anyone know if it's an error or genuinely your shareholding doubles when a player reaches 100%+ ROI?

  • @NewUser319043 sounds like an error to me unless you bought another 10 ages ago and you forgot you did do. Bank error in your favour. Shh don't tell FI haha

  • No they dont double up in quantity. The obvious thing to say would be the share split. But that trebled shares. Did u buy him pre or post ss. And if it was pre ss you would now have 30, so have u sold 10?

  • @MickTurbo I bought them post s/s and haven't bought or sold any more since. It's a strange one, but I'm not going to complain 😂

  • Wish mine would double up

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