Telegraph Fantasy Football vs FI

  • If you're good at Fantasy Football, are you good at at FI ?!

    League PIN: 8178154

    Passcode: 1234

    Got big balls?
    Think you know your football?
    Bring it on!

  • The last time i was invited to the telegraph game by someone i didnt know they used a similar, if harder sales pitch. They turned out to be abysmal and i won their 160 team league by over 100 points.

    If you are looking to sell it, it's most effective to tell everyone how good you are and how shit everyone else is in a vague way lol. Nothing gets to a competitive fantasy players ego like that. Unless ur FISO affiliated, then its much easier to accept ur likely much better and they are much shitter if they had any humility and sense. There are elite fantasy players then there are ELITE.

    In all seriousness though for the first season in 5 im not bothering with the telegraph. The game is broken with people entering 100s of teams each. Its near impossible to win the whole thing if the top guys have block defences covering each premier league team 30 times over. The top 100 tends to be farcical, its just the same names over and over. Its like fighting the bots for IPO's, the mathematical chances of you winning is super low to 0.

    I love the game and its been hella profitable for me over the last few years, but until they fix that issue sorry bud, im out.

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